He Looks So Perfect

16 year old Courtney Irwin, moves in with cousin Ashton Irwin who introduces her to his bandmates, Calum, Michael and a dreamy Luke. When Courtney saw Luke standing there she couldn't help but think "He Looks So Perfect"


1. The first night

(Courtney’s POV)

My name is Courtney Irwin. My parents are both away on a 2 year business trip and apparently I can’t come with them, they said they don’t want me back after though. And seeing as I’m only 16 it’s illegal for me to be home alone for that long. So that’s why I’m now on a plane to Sydney to live with my Aunt (my mum’s sister) and my 19 year old cousin Ashton Irwin.

I’m finally off the plane and now I just have to find my aunt. That would have been easy if I actually knew what she looked like. I am just wandering around when I see a lady walking towards me, she looks sort of like my mum, I think that’s my Aunt.

“COURTNEY!” yells the lady, smiling.

Yep, definitely her.

“Hello” I say, as she embraces me.

“Hi darling, I’m your aunt, you can call me mum” “umm okay, thanks mum” I say as she directs me to her car.

We arrive at her house, it’s two-storey and it’s so big and it even has a pool.

“This is your room” she says as she guides me into a large room with a double bed, walk in robe and pink walls.

“Wow” I say as I try to take it all in.

“You can unpack and settle in for a while if you want. Dinner will be ready in an hour” she says as she leaves the room.

“These walls look so boring and plain” I thought. I started putting up my posters; greenday, blink 182, fallout boy, sleeping with sirens and all time low. I had just finished putting up my last poster when I heard the sound of guitars and drums being played.

“I wonder where that’s coming from” I thought “I’ll ask mum”. “Where’s that music coming from, mum?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s Ashton and his friends. They are in a band, I forgot you haven’t even met Ash yet. Go introduce yourself, they should be in the garage like usual, if you don’t know where that is just follow the sound of the music” said mum. “Thanks” I said as I walked towards the garage.

When I walked into the garage I saw four teenage boys. There was one with light brown curly hair playing the drums who I recognized as my cousin Ashton. There was a boy with purple hair playing a guitar. There was a boy with dark brown nearly black hair playing bass, he looks kiwi and could probably be mistaken as Asian. And lastly there was a tall boy with a lip ring, exactly the same as mine, he had blonde hair in a quiff and he had deep blue eyes that almost looked like you could drown in them, he just looks so perfect, he was playing guitar and singing, let me tell you, that boy could sing…wow.

They finished their song and found me standing there watching.

“Oh hi, you must be courtney” said Ashton.

”yep that’s me. You must be Ashton. You guys are really good by the way” I said.

“Thanks” said the boy with the purple hair, “I’m Michael by the way” he said hugging me.

“I’m Calum” said the kiwi, as he kissed my hand making me blush.

I looked to the boy with the blue eyes. “I’m luke” he said as he awkwardly hugged me. God he was cute.

“Pizza!” said mum as she walked into the garage with fresh homemade pepperoni pizza. She put the pizza on the table in front of the couches and left the room.

The boys rushed to the couch and started stuffing their faces… wow boys will be boys after all. I sat down on the only empty spot next to Calum and picked up a piece of pizza and started eating it slowly.

“So Courtney, tell us about yourself” said Calum. “Well, my full name is Courtney May Irwin and I’m 16 years old and umm… I don’t know, what else do you want to know?” I said.

“When did you get your lip pierced?” asked Ashton.

“Just last week on Wednesday” I said.

“That’s the exact same day I got mine done” said Luke in an angelic voice, smiling shyly making his cute little dimple show.

“What sort of music are you into Courtney?” asked Michael.

“Well, my favourite bands are All time low, Blink 182 and Greenday” I answered

“It seems you have the same music taste as us” chuckled Ashton.

“They are the best” exclaims Calum.

“It’s time for bed, are you boys staying the night?” asked mum.

“We’d love to, if it’s alright with you” said Calum. “Yes, it’s alright with me and I’ve already called your parents letting them know you will be staying the night. Also can Courtney sleep in here with you guys?” said mum.

“Thanks Mum, of course she can stay, goodnight” said Ashton.

“I want to sleep with Lucas!” yelled Michael. Hahahaha Lucas, I started to giggle but I don’t think anyone noticed.

“Alright Mikey, you guys sleep on the big couch, Cal and I will sleep on the floor and Courtney can sleep on the couch” said Ashton. The boys were already asleep and I wasn’t really tired so I went to the window and watched the moon and the stars in the beautiful night sky.

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