She's Trouble

Elizabeth better known as Liz has always been courageous and is always getting into trouble. Brandon is one of the schools football players. They never really got to know each other until...Find out what happens in She's Trouble.


6. Chapter 6

"Brandon's POV 

After hanging out with Liz I went home and just thought. Today when my hand touched hers when I just hugged her out of nowhere it felt so right it felt amazing. I don't know why I had hated her at all. I decided to text Ashley. 

"Hey, can you meet me at our spot in 10?" I asked her she immediately responded. 

"Yeah, is something wrong?" She asked. I didn't reply I just got in my car and drove to our spot. Once I got there I could see her figure standing by the huge oak tree, which for us had been our spot. 

"Hey," She said. 

"Hi," I said back. 

"What's wrong," She asked. 

"Ashley we've been together for 3 years now and we've had some great memories and all but, I just don't think that we are meant to be..." I said. 

"I know, I've been feeling the same way" She said which took me by surprise. 

"So I was thinking we should break up" I said and she just nodded. I hugged her and she hugged back. 

"Can we still maybe be friends?" She asked. 

"Maybe, as long as it doesn't become one of those awkward friendships," I said and she just nodded and giggled a little. It really surprised me to see how well she had taken it she didn't cry and she wasn't heartbroken about it at all. 

"I can promise you we won't be those people." She said with a smile. I just smiled back I mean I didn't hate her I just didn't want to be with her anymore. I just thought to myself "Well now that's a weight off my shoulders" walked off toward my car. I can't believe that happened so easily. Knowing Ashley I was expecting a hard slap across the face, and mascara dripping down her cheeks. In all honesty I don't think it could've happened any better. I don't know why I randomly chose to break up with Ashley right now, but I do know that someone else has caught my eye. I never thought it could happen but, that someone else was Liz.  


Sorry this Chapter is so short. 



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