She's Trouble

Elizabeth better known as Liz has always been courageous and is always getting into trouble. Brandon is one of the schools football players. They never really got to know each other until...Find out what happens in She's Trouble.


5. Chapter 5

Liz's POV 

Brandon had text me all night last night and to be honest it felt normal but if any of my friends found out they'd make fun of me or probably leave me because they'd think I'm lame or they'd think that I'm leaving them. 

"Hey you ok" Delilah asked. 

"Yeah I'm fine just tired you know" I said and got up out of bed. We ended up straightening our hair and doing our normal make up. We put on muscle tees and skinny jeans. Then we went down to my car and made our way to school. 

"So do you want me to wait up for you today" She asked. 

"Nah it's cool I kinda need to go to relax today maybe tomorrow though" I said giving my best friend a hug before heading to class. I didn't want to go to class today but I kinda needed to unless I wanted more time in detention. I was in all the top classes in school and didn't really know anyone in my classes. I mean I did have 2 classes with Delilah and 1 with Peter but those were my only two best friends I had any classes with. My first class was English with a bunch of people who were friends with Brandon including his hoe of a girlfriend Ashley. I only knew two people in that class that I had talked to one was Brandon himself and I knew that I couldn't talk to him in front of all of his friends. So I was stuck talking to my "friend" Britney she was a nice girl but I only really talk to her in school. 

"Hey" I said and sat down. 

"Hey Liz" She said back with a smile. 

I was wondering if I should hangout with her at some point because we had a lot in common and I could see us being good friends if I was the old me, Elizabeth. I would probably end up hanging out with Britney everyday instead of Delilah but would I want that? Is it time to put away my bad girl act? All these thoughts came to me but I knew that it'd never happen because I'd never leave the friends I have now. Delilah is my long lost sister and Peter is my overprotective crazy older brother figure. Even though Ian can piss me off to no end I probably wouldn't be able to be me without him. They are all a big part of my life, so why was I questioning everything? I finally stopped thinking about it. 

"So Britney how was your weekend" I asked because yesterday I decided against going to English. 

"Oh it was good how was yours" She asked. 

"The same" I said which meant I was at a party on Friday and then hanging out with Delilah and everyone else on Saturday and then studying on Sunday but no one else knew that. 

"Well thats good" She said. Then I did something I never expected. 

"Yeah, we should hangout sometime" I said. I was getting kinda tired of the same old routine maybe skipping one party to hangout with Brit won't hurt. 

"Yeah that sounds cool, here's my number" She said giving me a piece of paper. 

"How about Friday" I asked. 

"Yeah, but I probably won't go to a party" She said and laughed causing me to laugh. 

"No don't worry we won't go to a party" I said. I never expected making plans to hangout with her. It was different for me I don't know what it was but I was doing a lot of things that I'd never do like talking to Brandon. As class started all the talking died down and I felt someones eyes on me. I looked over and saw that Brandon was looking over at me who was getting looked at by Ashley. I just quickly looked away and hoped that class was gonna be over soon. 

Soon it was lunch and I found all my friends at our normal table. 

"Hey" I said. 

"Hey boo" Delilah said and to my surprise she was actually sitting with her boyfriend today. I just smiled at her and sat down. Maybe I should start dating again, I used to in Sophomore year but soon gave up on it when I was heartbroken because my boyfriend had cheated on me. I never trusted anyone after that. I don't know maybe I'd give it another shot but for right now I just smiled at my best friend. Finally the day was coming to an end and I had to go to detention. As I entered I sat down were I sat yesterday and waited. 

"Hey" Someone said behind me. 

"Hey" I said back and smiled at him it was Brandon. 

"What are you doing after this" He asked. 

"I was just gonna go home, why?" I asked him. 

"Do you wanna maybe hangout" He asked. 

"Sure" I said. 

We just ended up talking the whole time again even though it was a different teacher this time. I swear none of these teachers cared they'd probably even let us leave without looking up. 
"So what are we doing" I asked as we were leaving the building. 

"I was thinking maybe we'd hangout at one of our houses" He said. 

"Yeah that sounds cool we can go to mine, my parents are never home so they won't care" I said. 

"Yeah thats cool" He said, I gave him my address so he could follow me and we had finally gotten to my house. We had just talked and talked for hours and I actually felt like I could tell him anything. He was funny, sweet, and amazingly gorgeous...wait what, what was I thinking.? I was so confused why I was thinking like this. 

"You okay" He asked he looked nervous and worried. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, why?" I asked. 

"You just got all quite" He said. 

"Oh no I'm fine" I laughed a little he just laughed along. Eventually we ended up watching a movie. I tried to sit far enough away so that I could clear my head. We sat on my couch I was at one end while he was on the other. It felt really awkward and I could tell he felt that way too. I decided to move toward the middle of the couch so it wasn't as weird and he ended up moving closer too. Soon enough he was right next to me. I was a little nervous but paid attention to the movie and let my mind clear. For about 20 minutes everything was ok until he moved just a little and his hand was on top of mine. I flinched which caused him to laugh. 

"You okay there" He said still laughing a little I just pouted and moved away from him. 

"Hey Liz I'm sorry" He said and came over to me. I didn't say anything I just turned away. 

"Liz" He said with puppy dog eyes. 

"What Brandon" I said. After that he just hugged me. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you and then laugh about it afterwards" He said still holding me. And it felt so weird but at the same time, it had felt so right. I don't know what it was about him but Brandon felt like he was a part of me that was missing for so long and I don't know why but I was happy about this feeling. 



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