Prefect Experiments


1. Tiger: Running

Have you run so fast that all the trees blur into just passing green? Do you ever get that ' I am alive feeling ' as you breath great big breaths of fresh air in to you lungs? Water streaming from your eyes and the wind playing with your hair. Well at the moment I'm feeling that way, except for the fact, I'm running for my life with my sister Cheetah. Our bare feet hit the hard ground with a soft thud, and the panting of our laboured breathing is the only sound we make. I steal a brief glance at Cheetah. She looks calm-ish, running is her specialty. Her jet black hair, free of its bonds, is flowing behind her. Her ears show her agitation. I leap over a fallen tree; Cheetah slides under it.

“Tiger, where are they? Did we lose them?” She whispers scanning the over- head canopy.

I hold up my hand for silence; ears pricked up for sound. Crash, our heads turn and see our hunters coming into the cleaning.

“RUN!” I yell.

Cheetah obeys and plows into one of them; one with wings.

He grabs her by the tail and holds her in an unbreakable lock. His other winged friend walks over, pulling out a hypodermic needle.

“Run, Tiger, Run.” Cheetah screams desperately.

She claws at his arm trying to break free. He howls in pain. His friend stabs the needle in to Cheetah's flesh. She shrieks and I run as fast as I can not looking back feeling sick to my gut with knowing.....


What were you doing, Tiger? I think to myself You just left Cheetah to the mercy of the scientists. I throw myself at the foot of a tree. Anger building up inside me, my claws unsheathe. I attack the nearest tree. Soon my fingers are torn, bloody and my claws wrecked. I slump against a remains of the tree. Tears pour down my face as I lick my finger tips.


“Hey, are you okay?” 

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