The Final Whisper

A 10 year-old girl was staring down at her dying father. She bent down and whispered something in her ear. She started to talk right in the middle of his last breath. She brings the necklace to her Grandmother and learns shocking news. The necklace has been in the family for generations. When ever Ellie is in a bad mood it will make her mothr sick. Ellie will have to find ways to make herself happy or she will be an orphan.


5. The Basement

Ellie was guided down to the basement with her Grandma and then rushed into a big cement room. Her Grandma slammed the door and searched for something under the rug. "Ellie, please go into the back and find my purple book with a blue corner" Grandma said as she stick her arm farther under the mat. Ellie though there must be something in there that her Grandma didn't want her to see because she could have lifted up the mat. Ellie just nodded at her Grandma's request and made her way to the back of the room. She zig-zagged around a long metal bar that was holding shirts, pants, and old clothes that Grandma didn't use anymore. She ducked under a wooden board holding hundreds of priceless artifacts and knick-knacks. Ellie finally stopped at the back of the room after crawling through the opening between a bundle of straw and the washing machine. As Ellie stood up, a big wall with book cases shoved up against it. In the first book case were a pile of index cards that were marked with different words and pages that were strung together with red yarn that was nearly falling apart. A look up word list, thought Ellie after reading the tiny sign. There were also a few dictionaries and all the encyclopedias that you could think of lining 1/3 of the wall. The middle book case was full of color coded books. All about different topics, things, and people but, all of them had about the same shades of colored cases. Ellie searched up and down the wall for the purple section and she found it on the fifth holder. She finally pulled out every book to see if it had blue corners but, none did. She pulled out the last purple book with all hope lost and found out that it was the book with blue corners. She did a tiny victory dance until she heard, "Ellie, sweetie! Are you going to come back here to help me" Grandma said. Ellie's eyes widened and were as big as saucers. She forgot that she had to go back through all of that mess and clutter. She started doing an army crawl through the washing machine. She stood up and her eyes were blank. She ducked under the wooden board and zig-zagged around the metal pole. Her Grandma was rummaging under the mat still. She brought her arm back and was holding something with a diamond on top of it. Ellie was positive that it was 100% real. Her Grandma stuck it in the door lock and then a little panel opened. Ellie was amazed! Her Grandma typed in a complicated code that Ellie would never remember and then she heard a click and something in the back of the room started moving. A big steel drawer went out of the right wall. Ellie sighed and looked at her Grandma. "I've done this so many times and I have to go back!?" she practically shouted. Her Grandma shrugged and nodded.

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