Reality Helps Life

Last thing that happened was Luna Hemmings got into a car accident. What will happen now? Will she wake up? Will she even remember everything that happened? These questions can be answered in this final book of the Reality series.(1st book- My Brother Bestfriend, 2nd book- Appointment with Reality)
thank you @bxdaxx for the cover!


2. Waking up

-Year after the accident-

Luna's P.O.V

I could see a bright light that made me open my eyes."God, turn off the lights it hurts!" I groaned. "LUNA!!" I heard someone yell. I looked next to me and saw Luke. "Luke what happened? Why do I have all these IV's in me?" I asked.

"Luna, I thought that I would never see you again. You got into a car accident a year ago and you went into Acoma. They were gonna unplug the machine later today." He said crying. "Luke im awake now and i never plan on leaving you again. I am so sorry about leaving all those times. I was so scared that I decided to run away from my fears and not face them. I am so so sorry. If only I remember the reason why I left this time." I started to tear up.

A guy with hazel eyes walked in," Luna your awake!" "Uhh Luke who is this guy and why does he know my name?" I asked. "You don't remember me? I'm Ashton Irwin, one of your brothers best friends." He looked at me with pleading eyes. "Ok, Luna who do you remember?" Luke looked at me.

"Umm Mickey, Calum, July, Lolly, Beau, Dean..." I said on and on but I couldn't remember this Ashton guy. "But, you don't remember me?" Ashton asked sadly. "No sorry... Luke how's July? I ask looking over at him. "She really good actually! Me and July's actually engaged now, she had a little girl named Mikayla Marie." He smiles widely.

"Aww, I cant wait to see the little one. You should bring them here one time so, I can talk and see them. How old is she?" I am so happy for my brother. "She's a couple months." Ashton said smiling. Ok.... "Ashton is the father of Mikayla but, I'm her step father." Luke explained.

"So, looks like your up Mrs. Hemmings. Your very lucky cause we were just about to pull the plug on you." The doctor smiled walking in with his clipboard. " Hey Dr.Brady, Luna she doesn't remember me. Can you tell me why." Ashton asked looking at him.

"It could just be a sideaffect of just getting out of Acoma but also she could have Amniesa." The doctor truthfully said.


Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. How do you think that she should remember Ashton?

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