Broken and terrified

"You know that feeling you get when you finally get the one you love but then you have to let go? I would never wish that feeling upon anyone in this world..."


1. Best friends

"Hey Luke!" I smile as I walk up to my best friends locker. 

 "Hey Alyssa!" He laughs grabbing a book from his Bombay and shoving it in his locker then closing it. The bell rang for everyone to go home and me and Luke took off running down the hall. Luke and I have been friends since I was like...4 years old. We've been through a lot together. I'm currently in 10th grade with Luke in 11th. 

"Wanna walk home with me? The boys are supposed to be coming over for band practice." Luke said as we got outside. 

"Hell yeah! I love watching you guys practice." I giggled and jumped up a little with excitement. He laughed at me and we began to walk to his house. His eyes locked onto mine half way down the road. They were perfect, and had the best blue color. The kind of blue that sends a chill down your spine when you get lost in them. His lip ring rested gently on his bottom lip and his blonde hair never seemed to be out of place. 

"Did you develop a staring disorder over the weekend or something?" Luke giggled and gently punched my arm playfully.

"Huh? Oh...what no!" I stuttered giggling to play it off. We reached Luke's house and ran inside up to his room. 

"Hey mum!" "Hey mrs.hemmings!" Luke and I yelled as we entered and continued running upstairs. 

"The boys will be here in about an hour" Luke spoke as he put his bookbag on his bed. 

"Okay" I smiled. I pulled out my phone and tested my mum telling her I won't be home for a while. 

"So whatcha wanna do till they get here?" Luke mumbled grabbing my bookbag and tossing it on the bed with his. 

"Anime? Or....sponge?" I giggled and that's exactly what we did.....well we watched anime and turned it down so that we couldn't hear it. Then we started talking in sponge and Patrick voices by misreading the anime characters. It was normal for us and absolutely hilarious. 

And once again I found myself staring at Luke....

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