Mirror Mirror

The real story of the queen from Snow White. Entry for the 'There Will Be Lies' comp :)


1. Prologue

  "We stop looking for monsters under our beds, when we realize they are inside of us."

  My footsteps make no noise as they step gracefully over the bodies strewn across the frozen battlefield. The snowflakes fall in silence around me and I smile, taking in the havoc that I have caused. Rivers of blood flow through the streets and the ground below me is a sea of debris. As I stand poised in the shards and ashes of the ruined kingdom I draw an object from deep within my bloodstained gown and I whisper the only words I know. "Mirror mirror"

  I wake up screaming, my ragged sheets twisted around my sticky body. Tears gush down my cheeks as I try to catch my breath. My mother is soon by my side.

"Hush Ravenna," she soothes. "Its going to be alright. I'll protect you I promise. I'll never let anything happen to you. It's only a dream, it's not real."

  I nod shakily, untangling the sheets from around me. Her words comfort me slightly, but I'm still trembling. Something's changing inside me, something bad. It isn't just the recurring dreams, but I can also feel an immense darkness growing deep inside of me. I can feel myself slowly turning into some sort of monster I don't want to become. I shiver. It's a promise she can't keep, her promise to protect me, and a part of me already knows it. She can't possibly protect me from myself.

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