Why Me?:C.H.

This has cursing and what not. I hope you guys like it


11. telling the boys

Layla's POV

I woke up in his arms. I love him. I kissed him until he woke up."well good morning to you too." He said. I walked into the bathroom and he followed. "Cal. I'm showering go." I said. "But Lay....." He said. "You can stay in here. But only if you sing to me." I said. "Fine." He said. I undressed and he stared. "Like what you see?" I asked. "Hell yeah!" He said. I blushed. "You're really cute when you blush." He said. I blushed even more. "Thank you." I said. After I showered I changed into black skinny jeans and a grey crop top that said music in black letters. "You look beautiful." He said. "Thank you." I said while i blushed. "So when are we gonna tell the boys that we're together?" I asked. "Right now!" He said. So we went to Ashton's house and met with the boys. "Hey guys so guess what!?" I screamed as I walked in. "WHAT!??" They all screamed. I kissed Cal passionately. "We're a couple." Cal said. "YAYYY!!!!" Michael screamed. "FINALLY!!!!!" Luke yelled whilst jumping up and down. "I knew you guys would be a thing!" Ash said. I kissed Cal. "I'm so happy." He said. "Damn right." I replied.

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