*Sequel to Him* She left 2 years ago. She left and it tore us apart. We graduated without her. We went on tour without her. I had a birthday without her, and soon to be another one. She is my sister and she was Michael's best friend, and Ashton's love and she left. Without us. So now we need to find her. And we will.


7. Soon

Calum's POV

Our birthday is in one week. I need to find her. I need it more than anything. A group of fans saw her, so we know her area, but none of them could follow her. Mom has a birthday planned for me, even though I probably shouldn't know. She always disappears into another room.


Michael's POV

Calum's birthday is right around the corner. I know he wants her. That is all that he wants. I heard his mom talking and I was about to come and talk to her, but I sort of listened in on the conversation.

"I haven't told them."


"You could just talk to them. You barely talk to me anymore. And he misses you terribly."


"Please consider it."


"Alright. You should visit sometime as well. It is getting awfully lonely without."


"I love you too. Bye." I can't believe what I just heard. She knows where she is. She knows everything. I hid in a hallway closet while she walked by. I went up to the phone and looked through the caller ID. One recent number.


I dialed the number quickly.

"Hello?" I heard a female voice on the line.


"Mi-mi-Michael?" She says with a shaky voice.

"I found you." I breathe. 

"Michael you can't tell. Please, you can't."

"I have to!"

"If you do, I'm gone. For good. Even your crazy fan girls won't be able to find me. So don't Michael. I have a surprise and it is coming soon. So don't."

"Okay." I said quietly. Then she hung up the phone.

I have a surprise and it is coming soon.

The words played in my head all day.

It is coming soon.

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