best thing

Ellie has been crushing on dylan for years, but now, what happens when Dylan admits to liking her back? How will she be able to keep her friendship with Tyler if she is falling for him? Its a love triangle,but who will she choose? Dylan or Tyler? The shy kid or the jock? Her best friend or her crush?


9. move in?

" will u move in with me?" I couldn't believe it. My first serious boyfriend. I smiled. "Really?" He chuckles. "I want u around me as much as possible. And I get pretty lonely in my apartment alone. " I smile so wide. " of course " he smiles wide too and kissed me lifting me from the ground.

So here I was packing my things, dylan stepped out to get a bite to eat for us. I couldn't believe mom approved, not that it matters since I'm 18. But her confidence in me and Dylan's relationship ment a lot. She was seeing me as a young lady instead of a teen. I was just about to reach for another box as I heard a tap coming from my balcony. I walk slowly up to the edge to see tyler climbing up . I smile to myslef. With a grunt he pulls himself up. 

We step inside my room and his face fell. "Your moving In with him?" I look around the room and take it all in. "Yes, tyler we can't ignore each other anymore!! I miss u so much. Please Com back to me. I miss my best friend."

I look him in the eye. "Having me around will just make things confusing for u" I know its true. He starts to tear up. "I can't just be your friend I am in luv with u whether u love him or me, I still want u. Move in with him, but he's going to hurt u and u may not see it but I don't want you hurt."

I nod. " I'm going to be fine with him. We are going to have a life together. I promise u if anything happens u will be my shoulder to cy on. " he grabs my hand and holds it too his chest. "I better go" and he slips down my balcony just as Dylan comes back into my room. 

That summer was filled with so much love. 

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