best thing

Ellie has been crushing on dylan for years, but now, what happens when Dylan admits to liking her back? How will she be able to keep her friendship with Tyler if she is falling for him? Its a love triangle,but who will she choose? Dylan or Tyler? The shy kid or the jock? Her best friend or her crush?


11. first realization

I drove back to our apartemet , my eyes welded up with tears. I stumbled into our, home and opened the door to see Dylan with his face in his hands. I gently sat down beside him as he lifted his head. "Ellie...ellie, I am so,so, sorry.." I shook my head. "Her though? ANYBODY but her and I might have been able to look past this." He started to cry, but I wouldn't let myself do the same. "Why?" I asked "tell me why" now I was angry, more hurt, but angry. "Because she could give me something u wouldn't" he sounded ashamed. I was so upset I could collapse right there. "You know why I wasn't ready?" I haven't even told him this yet. "Because at 15 I was raped. Instead of loosing it in love I lost it in fear. So sorry if I wasn't ready!" I couldn't help but cry. I hated myself for it. I Had already cried so much. He shook his head. "I am so so sorry, Ellie please! I will never ever do this to you again." I looked him in the eyes. His used to be gorgeous green eyes was now a dull muck. "Actions speak louder than words" as I turned to leave he grabbed my arm. He pinned me against the wall kissing me. I pulled away. Something was missing, our love and passion was gone. "U broke us" I pulled away from his grip. As I was about out the door he yelled at me. "Huh? What about Tyler? I was jelous for years!" I was stunned. "How could u even say that? I lost the best friend I ever had became I was in love with u, but this right now, is not love." 

I ran out and as I reached the lot I noticed Dylan had followed me. 

"I can't believe how mad u are about this! I thought I loved u but I realize now that I don't. Cause you are nothing compared to jaidan. She's pretty and skinny and don't mind showing affection." A last tear fell Down my cheek that right there was my breaking point. Just as I was about to run, Tyler leaped out of a nearby bush and punched Dylan square in the face. Tyler had followed me, to make sure I was OK. And as things got heated I jumped in the middle of the 2 because Tyler was getting beaten up bad. But I was accidently hit by a flying fist and fell to the ground. All I could hear was dylan and Tyler screaming for Me to wake up

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