best thing

Ellie has been crushing on dylan for years, but now, what happens when Dylan admits to liking her back? How will she be able to keep her friendship with Tyler if she is falling for him? Its a love triangle,but who will she choose? Dylan or Tyler? The shy kid or the jock? Her best friend or her crush?


10. first heart break

I had a long day at work and all I wanted to do was get home to my boyfriend. I step inside the house but he's not in the living room like usual . he might be having a nap so I don't yell. I walk into the bedroom and stop dead in my tracks. He was in the bed alright, but not alone and he definatly wasn't sleeping. The only words I could make out was "how could u" jaidain of all people jumps off of him and starts putting on her clothes. He jumps out of the covers in only his boxers. He's sweating like crazy, jaidain kisses his cheek and leaves the room. Before he could say any thing I was out of the apartment I could only hear the faint sound of Dylan's voice calling my name.

I know exactly were I'm going. I pull into the familiar drive way and knock on the door. Please answer, please answer. Tyler opens the door. I say nothing but collapse into his arms and start to baul. He brings me inside and dosnt ask questions. When my crying starts to slow down and there is no more tears to fall, I tell him everything.

"He cheated on m, I walked in on him , with jaidain." He shakes his head. "U don't deserve this" I hear a hundred or so beeps from my phone. I don't need to check, I know who it is. I turn off my phone. 

"I got to go talk to him, see why he did this. I can't just leave." I say. Tyler looks at me worried. "Need metoo come?" I shake my head even though every part of me did.

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