The cafe


4. numbers

Ash laughs at the guys faces they are so confused "guys it's fine I invited them to sit with us" ash says as he sits down next to Michael and Ellie I just look at my hot chocolate not wanting to make eye contact with anyone Ellie burnt her hand on the hotchocolate I noticed because she moved her hands away fast she didn't mention anything she didn't want anyone to worry

But ash noticed and held her hands rubbing them to make them better Michael then noticed but he didn't know Ellie burn her hands so Michael just laughed "calm down ash you've only just met the girl and your already trying to get into her pants" Michael said as ash went red "why do you have to do this Michael and I'm not you" ash said laughing as I nearly spit out my hotchocolate laughing I get this strange feeling that someone's looking at me I look up

It's calum he's been looking at me for like 5minuites now so I look back to my drink "hey is it dani you don't talk much and do you want to come to our concert tonight" Luke said as I looked at him "yeah it is dani I don't talk much because I don't know what to say and yeah I'm up for that" I said smiling as ash looked at Ellie "how about you Ellie you coming or is it not your thing" ash said hoping Ellie would say yes "yeah I'll be there" she said smiling

We had finished our drinks and got up to go home as ash stopped Ellie again "can I have your number to text you and you take mine so we can let you in backstage" ashton says as Ellie smiles "yeah" Ellie said as them two were swapping numbers it was so awkward for me and the other boys Michael then looks at me I am scared I know he's going to say Somthing stupid or rude

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