The cafe


5. getting ready

"Dani have you seen Calum's snapchat and what do you think if it" Michael says as I just put my hand to my face

"Ash is right Michael why do you do this and yes I have seen it and I wasn't complaining" I said as I said that I then realised what I just said and cal was right there Michael just smiled as Luke pushed calum "looks like your in there cal and she's your type" Luke said as I just laughed "I'm no ones type Ellie come on we will see you guys later" I said as we left the cafe and went home to get ready

We get to my house and Ellie gets dressed we were our black skinny jeans I got my greenday top on and Ellie got her blink 182 top in as we then set off for a few drinks first I forgot I can't handle my drink so I was already tipsy as ellie wasn't "dani come in the taxi is here" Ellie said as she got a text it was from ash saying "hey are you guys on your way can't wait to see you x" the text said as Ellie looked at me "dani I think ash likes me" she said as she just smiled I was so tipsy I just laughed "he's your sex god" I say laughing as we get out of the tax and see the boys before we walk over to them Ellie grabs me "dani don't I know what your like don't tell ash about the sex god thing" she said panicking "I won't don't worry" I said smiling as the boys walked up to us

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