Black Hearts

"This is a lifestyle, not for you to just join in on it to feel something. Because in the end, only one of us will be happy and the other one will be getting a high out of it- literally. If you are here just to feel rebellious, or to break some hearts than please just leave. Like I said, this is a lifestyle, my lifestyle, and if you choose to interfere with my life, one of us will get fucking hurt. You damn well know it and so do I. Please."


2. Chapter 2

Heyy bitches. My name is Emily Jordan Johnson. I personally prefer my first name, but the people closest to me like to call me Jordan. When people call me that, it kinda makes me feel like someone actually cares. 

Anyways, I'm 5 foot 9 inches, I'm 17 but I'm turning 18 in a couple of weeks, I have pink and blue hair, absolutely love horror movies and the rain, prefer to listen to punk rock, emo or rock music ((personally, the loud screams in my head get calmed down by the screaming in the music that I listen to)) and just like, if you can't chill then you can calmly just leave me the fuck alone. Oops, sorry hun, did I hurt your feelings? Too damn bad. :)

I don't really like to call my friends my 'best friends' because that best friend shit is bullshit. Just don't let people in close, and they basically have no power to hurt you. Like, ever. Unfortunately, I had to learn that life lesson on my own. 

Well, right now I'm currently headed down the middle of the street, heading towards my friend Delaray's house to meet her.  I only live two blocks away so it's not that big of a deal to walk to her house ((and granted that there aren't that many cars, I can walk down the middle of the street freely)). 

Delaray's house isn't that big. In fact, it's your average size house. On the outside, it's painted light blue with white trim, but on the inside it looks like a gay pride flag exploded in there, with each room painted multiple colors of the rainbow ((but I do have to say so myself that it looks trippin when we're getting high together)). Delaray lives with her mom ((her dad abandon them when she was five years old so she barely has any memories of him)), and her younger sister who is 15 ((her name is Kassie and she's suupperrr chill))

Flash forward 10 minutes- Delaray finally got her ass out the door, her blond hair shining in the early afternoon sun. We're almost halfway to the local run down gas station to just hang out behind the building.

Delaray and I have been friends for about five years now. In my opinion, she's beautiful. Like I said, she has blond hair. She also had these caramel colored eyes which are just to die for, she's like five feet five inches tall, and she has a tattoo on her left side where her ribs are that says: "I don't love you like I did yesterday" courtesy of the band that's sadly no longer together, My Chemical Romance "I Don't Love You"

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