Sister Act

Meet Mia Potter,a girl who is bullied and goes to Hogwarts and meets a special person.What will happen? You find out!


1. 1

My steely grey eyes haunt the corridor, dust gathering in it. Its weird how dark it is, but oh well, it seems exciting! Were at Hogwarts and I have to say it looks amazing. Theres lots of really cool people,and to be hoest, I feel more at ome then I ever have before. "Hi," I say to a little girl holding a stick, who looks at me strangely, hurrying away like a mouse.


"She was weird," I say, continuing on my way. My footsteps echo endlessly down the dark corridor, and I run, haert pounding to a big room filled with people."Hi there!" I beam."I'm Mia Potter, pleased to meet you." They all look at me weirdly and I back away in lip-biting fear, noticingim the only kid from my school in the room. Oh no! This is so embarrassing.

"Get out, weirdo," someone says and I run away, blinking back crystalline tears. I hate this. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

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