Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


43. Saturday night( Natalia Kills)

Katy’s pov
I get in the house of David with Harry holding my hands. The living room is a mess. There is a boy and a girl almost making out in the sofa. It kind of remember Harry and I yesterday. But we didn’t do half of what they are doing. We just kiss and Harry respected my limits. So sweet.
“So this party is a little…different from the others you have been.” He says
“What do you mean by different?”
“There are some people here…they do… they do drugs. They drink a lot. Things here will really go crazy. So I want you to stay with me the whole time. And don’t take a a drink from another person, okay?”
“Yes sure”
“Hello man!!!” A drunk guy says to Harry
“Hey David! Happy birthday” Harry says and they give a hug “This is Katy my girlfriend” he points to me
“Hey. Nice to meet you” he says
“Nice to meet you too. Happy birthday”
“Thanks. C’mon everyone is waiting for you” he says
Everyone?  Who is waiting everyone?? I don’t know anyone from here. I thought I might find the guys I met yesterday at the party. But I can’t see one of them. Why Harry is friend of this kind of people? Have he use drugs?
We walk to the room and we pass through a lot of drunks and a lot of couples making out. We get in the balcony. There is a sofa and some chairs. A group of seven is sitting there.
“Look who is finally here” a guy really drunk says. He has a girl in his lap
“Hey” Harry says
“Hey Harry” a brunet girl says
Harry introduces me and a as soon as he says girlfriend the brunet makes a weird face
“So we were waiting for you” a guy says. He looks like he is drunk but I wonder who in this group is sober.
“Waiting for what?”
“We are playing”
Playing? What are they going to play?
“Oh no thanks” Harry says
“What? Why??”
“I’m kind of done with these games”
“Where is the old Harry? The king of the party, where is this guy? Now I see is a sober and clean Harry that even has a girlfriend, no offence sweet” he tells me
I keep in silence. Harry doesn’t seem happy. I’m not either. I don’t know the Harry this guy is talking about. I know Harry was a womanizer and a party guy but I didn’t imagine he partied like that.
“I’m just not a rebel teenager anymore Drake” he says” I can still have a good time but not doing the things you do. I’m going to drink something” he says and leaves
I look at them. The brunet is almost trying to kill me with her eyes. Why does she hate me so much?
“You should follow your boyfriend” she says
I want to say something but I don’t have the courage. So I go look for Harry.
He is the kitchen drinking. I can see he is worried. I’m just confused right now.
“Hey what have just happen? Why are you friends of this people? Did you use drugs? What kind of games they were talking about? Why does that brunet hates me?”
“Stop asking so many questions”
He takes another drink.
“Don’t be so annoying. Okay? Stop overthinking and analyze the situation. I’m trying to have some fun here so why don’t you do that too, huh?” he says, drinks and leaves.
How dare does he talks to me like that??? And now he left me here alone!!!!
“He still moody” a girl says behind me. It’s the brunet “I know how hard he can be”
“What? How hard?”
“Yes. Deal with him is really hard. Of course he is also really hard in bed if you know what I mean” she winks and laughs. I don’t think it is funny at all
“So you two were close?”
“Yes.  It was a long time ago. Harry was really young so do I. He had just moved to Holmes Chapel and he wanted have fun. He was Drake and David’s best friend. We were always parting together. He wanted to have fun and so did I. And we had fun. A lot. He is really good. Even in the first time. “
Am I serious listening to this brunet talking about how was having sex with my boyfriend???
She sighs. I want kill her.
“But something good doesn’t last forever. Harry turned away. He wanted to stay clean. And he stop coming to my bed. But don’t you worry I have no feelings for him anymore” she smiles “ but I wish you luck. It’s not every girl who can make him have real fun. I can give you some tips anytime you want” she smiles again and leaves.
I’m going to kill that bitch!!! ‘I have no feelings for him’ of course she does! It’s so obvious! And give me some tips??? Who the hell she thinks she is??!!! And why am I still here alone in this kitchen??!!!! I need a drink. I need to find this bitch and her to back off. I need another drink. I need to talk to Harry and tell him he can’t do what he did to me. I need another drink. I need Harry to answer my questions. Even though I’m afraid of the answers. Maybe another drink. I need to show this people Harry can have fun with me. For this I need other drink. Maybe I should just try to have fun. I lost the count of drinks. I don’t care.  Before I get out of the kitchen I take another drink, for luck.
I walk to the crowded living room. No a sigh of Harry. But I find brunet.  She is looking for someone. Is she looking for Harry??? I see a bottle of beer. I drink a little. Maybe more than little. I let the bottle and keep looking for Harry.
I am walking too fast. Or too slowly. I don’t know what is going on. It seems like I’m not me. Like I’m not thinking before doing the actions. I look around and I’m in the balcony. How did I get here? I can remember deciding to come to here. Drake has a girl in his lap. He has his hands in her skirt and she has her hands under his pants while they are kissing. I wonder if it’s this kind of fun Harry used to have when he was Drake’s friend. I wonder if the brunet bitch had done this with Harry…. I ….. need another drink. Maybe I need a fresh air. This place is too crowned. I walk to the front door. As soon as I open the door I see Harry sting in the sidewalk.
Harry’s pov
It’s been a while since I left the house. I don’t know how I’ve been here but I needed to get out of there. It was a bad idea coming to this party. David insisted so much that I came. But I don’t want to come back to who I was before. The front door opens and I see Katy standing there. She is standing there. I don’t know what she is thinking. She must be overthinking the situation. As always
“Come here” I say to her
She thinks a little and start walking. Or try to walk. She is drunk. She almost falling I get up to help her sit.
“How many cups you’ve drink?”
“I don’t know. I lost count a long time ago”
“Why you drink so much?”
“Well you told to drink a little and have fun.  I’ve already drank. Now It’s time for the fun” she says and kisses me.
I don’t push her back but don’t kiss back either.
“C’mon let’s dance” she says
“There’s no music here Katy”
“I can sing!” she says” But you are goooooood girrrrrllll. I know you wanna, I know you wanna” she sings, or try to sing, Blurred Lines.
“Maybe you should sing since you are the one have a band” she says giving up on singing ”Did you realize I date a rock star??” she asks me
“Well I wouldn’t call myself a rock star”
“But you are! Do you have fans?”
“I think I do”
“I am your fan. “she says and then gets up
“What are you doing?”
“I want to dance. Dance with me” she pulls me but then she falls. I fall next to her. She starts laughing.
I look at her. She is total drunk. She has no idea what she is doing or talking. I don’t know what to do besides laugh too.
“Stop laughing!” she says
“Because this is not funny!”
“What is not funny?”
“You!” she says! “You are not funny. But the brunet bitch told me about the times when you two had fun together! I hate her! I hate that you don’t have fun anymore because of me! I hate when I overthink and don’t enjoy the life”
“The brunet bitch? Nicole talked to you?”
“Yes. She told me about how you were happy with her”
“I was not happy with her, Katy. I don’t like the person I was on that time. I better explain this to you tomorrow when you are not drunk. But just to make clear, I’m happy with you”
She smiles. I hold her hand and kiss the top of her head. We are lye in the street. It’s more than midnight.
“I think we should leave this party. I don’t want to be here anymore” I say
“Okay” she tries to get up and fall aging
“I help you “ I say while I help her get to my car
“I don’t want to go home it’s too early” she complains
“No way I’m taking you home in this stage. You are too drunk. Your parents would kill us both”
“Where are we going then?” she asks as I star driving
“No where. I’m just going to drive around until it’s 2 am. By then you should probably be sober. Or at least, less drunk”
I star driving. In the first 45 minutes she didn’t shut up at all. But then stay in silence  for a while
“Harry” she says ” stop the car I think I’ll throw up”
I stop the car. She opens the door and run to a grass
“You need any help out there?” I ask
“No, I’m not that drunk” she says
I keep a distance but I still can hear she vomits. After some minutes she come back
“You’re okay?”
“Yeah. I think I’m better”
We get back in the car and I keep driving. Some minutes later she is sleeping. She looks so nice sleeping. So peaceful. I feel guilty for taking her to this party. I don’t belong to that group anymore. I shouldn’t have taken her there. And there was Nicole telling her in the worst way that she and I had something in the past. Sometimes I think Katy deserves a better boyfriend. But I’m too selfish to let her go. So I’m trying to do my best as a boyfriend. It’s hard. Especially  because she is my first girlfriend. And tonight I had failed.
I take the key from her house from her purse and carry her inside. I climb the stairs hoping no one will see me. I reach for her bedroom. I’ve never been there before. I find and lye her in the bed. I smile.
“Harry?” a voice from behind calls
“Mrs. Collins.” I say when I look at Katy’s mom “I’m so sorry for disturbing you…I…it’s just that Katy felt sleep in the way and she looked so peaceful that I couldn’t wake her up so I carry her here. I’m sorry to enter in your house like this and…”
“It’s okay Harry. I’m not angry. I’m happy in fact, because my daughter has the cutest boyfriend” she says and laughs a little” Thanks for being so careful with her”
“You are welcome” I say” I should go. Goodnight Mrs. Collins”
“Good night Harry”








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