One Big Secret.

Arile Fisher.
Let's describe her in Sim traits, shall we?

Grumpy, oh no doubt especially when she doesn't get her Ice-coffee from McDonald's.

Loner, while her two older siblings are party goers, she sits in her room, staring at her computer screen, which is almost always on Tumblr.
Clumsy, you know sponge bob's cousin? Yeah, thats her.

Loser, the only thing she can win is "how fast can you eat your dinner?"
which of course isn't a bad thing, to some people.
And finally, bookworm. You can always find her nose in a book, or on her phone reading a book.

Now, let's to the point.
Arile has a secret, a BIG secret.

I'm talking mumbo-jumbo drink size's at the State Fair.

Behind the bookshelf in her room, is a secret passage-way.
Oh yeah, the whole Nancy Drew package right here.

Now in that secret room is
a big machine.

Not what you were expecting right?

Well guess what?
That machine is a time machine.


3. Chapter 3: Raven Haired Beauty.

*Arile's P.O.V*

I run until I get to my breaking point.

I kneel over and take big long breaths. 

"Are you okay?" 

I shriek and quickly turn around to the unfamiliar voice that questioned my well being. 

I'm met with a raven black haired boy with dark blue eyes. 
I fight an urge to let out an enormous blush.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine." I stutter. 

Eyes filled with concern he stares at me intently. 

"You sure?" He asks not convinced. 

"One hundred in one percent." I nod my head. 

The guy whose name I don't know smiles, showing off his pearly whites. 

"Well, it was nice meeting you." The beautiful boy grabs my hand and gives it a good shaking. 

I seemed to have lost my voice, so I just smile and nod my head. 

Once the raven haired beauty walks away, I take in my surroundings. 

Gravel seems to cover the ground where children and a few teens frolic, while parents watch them or talk to others, and seem to have something very interesting on their phone.

I sit down and feel the grass tickle my uncovered ankles. 

I lay back and stare at the beautiful sky which is painted with red, pink, and purple. 

I close my eyes and rest for a few minutes.

I gasp and shoot up as I remember this one thought. 

"Meet me at Terry's at 4" 

I quickly pull out my phone and check the time. 

3:45 P.M

"Shit!" I quietly curse. 

Terry's was at least a hour and a half away from here. 

I hesitate then dial my sister's number. 

"Helloooo?" Bailey answers slurring her words. 

"Well, that rules asking your siblings out." I mumbled bitterly.

"What?" She giggles obviously drunk. 
I hear loud music and people yelling, she's at a party, figures. 

"Nothing Bailey, just be careful, okay?" I tell her.


I end the call and sigh. 

I can't call my mom, she's at work and has a "very" important meeting. 

My terrible excuse for a father is who knows where.

I begin my journey towards my home with my head hanging like a dog who just been scolded.


I turn around to meet the same dark blue eyes I met eariler. 

He flashes off that same heart melting smile and says 

"Need a ride?" 


I'm sorry if this chapter is short, ew school. 

Thanks for reading and commenting all those nice things. 

Don't be a silent reader.

I'll most likely post the next chapter tomorrow if I don't have a lot of homework.





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