Lost in the moon

Lucy is new to Beacon Hills, she just started her third school year at the towns only school and have a bit trubble making friends. Scott can feel that there is a new alpha at the school area but can't to find out who it is. When they meet Scott learn more about his kind and Lucy finally make new friends and maybe more.

Based on the Teen Wolf series.


5. chapter 5

The day went by as usual ecsept I had this feeling in my chest, like I had lost something.. At lunch break I met Isaac and Scott who intrudused me to the pack, Stiles tryed to tell me how everything started, how Scott bacame an warewolf, how Lydia bacame a Banshee, how Scott bitt Liam (who sat with his friends by another table) to save his life, who the Hale family was and why Malia was a coyote and on and on. I didn't understand much. I Had problems remember everyones names for a start so when Stiles tried to explain everything to me I was very confused so we switched subject to me. 

"So Lucy, how come you heard so much about Scott?" Stiles asked and put a pice of food in his mouth, still looking at me. I smiled suddenly feeling shy when everyone was looking at me.

"Well, the stories about the great natural alpha is al over the U.S? He lead his pack to victory against the alpha pack and he did not kill a singel alpha. I don't know if he let his pack kill them instead but yeah.." I said looking down on my empty plate. Everyone anound the table looked at Scott and smiled. 

"He, didn't 'let us kill them'. He actully wanted to talk to them it was the Hale pack, Isaac and Argents that did the most of the killing.. Scott tried to save one of them actully." Stiles said. I raised my eyebrows at the story, Scott was really a true Alpha, no dubt. 

The vibration of my phone made me unconcentrated to what was happening around me as the screan showed my brothers name. 'Jordan is calling you' I didn't think twise about answering, he never called me.

"Yes?" I asked knowing he had something inportant to tell me, like I said, he never call.

"Lucy, I need you to come down to the reserv right now." He said and he had a sad tone in his voice. I Looked around the table and saw that noone was paying me any attention anymore.. Only Isaac who seemed to litsen to my conversation.

"Why? Is something wrong?" I asked and the line went quiet. 

"Cant you feel it? like a hole in the chest? i know I can and now I know why." He said and I felt the pain beating harder.

"Parr, what are you saying?" I asked noticing Scott had taken an intressed in my call. I gave him a look but I knew he kept listening.

"The girl from the pack, Linn.. A jogger just found her.." He trailed off. " It lookes like an animal attack." He whispered. I was already on my way out of the school. I could hear both Isaac and Scott coming after me but I was much faster.

I ran into the forrest and as soon I knew I was out of sight I started to shift to full wolf. I left my bag by a large stone and shifted. I felt that my whole body were smaller and when the transformation were done, I took my bag into my mouth and started running. My red eyes never misscalculated a singel step and I knew exactly were I was going. The smell gave away the location. Thats all I could concentrate about.

Isaac and Scott were a mile away by now and Scott wanted to know where I was, he howled. I stopped as soon as I heard it, filled with sorrow and compassion. I Howled back, the vibrations in my chest started out small but the louder and darker my howl got the bigger vibrations. 

I picked up my bag and kept running, I did not stop untill I saw the crime sceen. I switched back to human and put on some gym clothes I had. I Ran out of the forrest as soon as I saw Jordan. I scream his name and he took me in is embrace.

"Are you sure it is Linn? are you sure?" I asked and looked at him. He nodded with sad eyes. 

"Yes, do you want to see her? we... we haven't moved her yet but if you would like to see her..." He traild off and I got tears in my eyes as I nodded a yes. Parr lead me past the police tape and towards the ditch. When I saw her body I brust out crying. Linn and I grew up like sisters, we were good friends. Her stomach were all over the road, she had bitemarks on her throat and ancels and she had torn clothes. 

I could hear Scott and Isaac come closer but I didn't want them to see her.. or me, like this. 

go away! I need to be alone right now Scott, you and Isaac can talk to me later. I told Scott in his mind. When I heard them come closer I turned around anf gave them both a sterd look. Isaacstopped but when he saw Scott continue he followed. 

At the sceen there were only 5 people for the moment. Me, Parr, Scott, Isaac and Sheriff Stillinski who sat in a car observing us. I don't think he had sen Scott and Isaac yet. Perr had told me he already knew about warewolfs and stuff like that so when I fully turned towards Scott and Isaac I did not care if he saw me change. 

"Scott, go away." I said again feeling the anger puls throuh my body. I felt my claws being pushed out from underneath my nails and my teeths change to fangs. Scott kept coming closer while Isaac backed away slowly. 

"Lucy, I only want to take a look at the body." He said in a calm voice. did he think Linn would want people to look at her while she looked like this? no. never. 

"Scott this is my last warning." I spat. He stoped for a second before he took another step and changed into warewolf. I looked at the sheriff who was now getting out of the car and spotted Scott. He mumbled something among the lines of ' for the love of god' and started walking over to us. 

"Lu, you need to calm down. He is not going to see her if you don't want to." Parr said and I gave him an angry looke, he put upp his hands in deffence.  I saw red which meant that my real eyes now were on full display. 

Scott I do not want to hurt you. I said to him telepaticly. He leaned his head to the right and looked me upp and down, serching for a next move. Thats when I got an idea. 

I took a deep breath and started to roar, the sound was deafning and both Parr and The sheriff held their ears. I saw Isaac starting to shifft back and forth but I kept roarning untill I saw Scott losing control a bit. He looked down and concentrated hard before he also started to roar. I felt that I was about to lose controll but just as I was about to do that I stopped roar and turnes full wolf. The state were I had the best controll. Then I started to roar again. Scott struggled and within a few seconds he turned human again. He were tired and sat down on on knee, resting. 

"Now when that little probleme is solved.." Sheriff Stilinski said which made Scott turn to him. "..I would like to know why the hell you are here Scott." I still had my eyes on Scott, he stood up and took a step in my direction which made me growl. he stoped han took a step back. It felt good to know that I had the power over him but at the same time I felt a bit sorry for him. 

"I need to see her body, last time this happend.." he trailed off and looked at Stiles dad with sorrow in his eyes. 

"Scott, she don't want you too see the girl. You have no rights." he snarled. Scott looked defeated and backed away to poor Isaac who were lying on the grownd with no power left after my and Scotts little competition. He took heavy breaths and slowly stood upp.

"Please, never do that again." He said shortly and looked at both of us before he walked over to the police car and sat down inside with the door still oppen. 

Parr? I have no clothes left.  I said in my brothers mind. He looked uncomfteble and looked around. His eyes landed on Isaac, then Scott. He nodded for me to come with him but I hesitated, thowing a look at Scott. Parr rolled his eyes and showed me to follow him. I did as he wanted me to and hopped inside one of the empty police cars. He went too the trunk and soon returned with a pair of his jeans and a black Tshirt. I shiffted back to human and put on the clothes. When I were done i walked out and realised I had calmed down. 

"im sorry Scott. I am just a bit upsett. She was my closest friend." I whispered the last part and Scott sighed.

"I am sorry too, i went to far. I should have respected you more." He said looking down knowing he had an underdog. What was that you did.. you talked into my mind.." he said facinated. I smiled a bit.

"Lucy..." Isaacs voise were high and I turned his way. He looked into the forrest and I followed his eyes. A man with glowing eyes looked right at us, I would recognize his face anywere. It was another guy from my pack. He started to walk towards us.

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