Cursed Fairytales


1. Prologue

Once Upon A Time, there were four princes and four princesses. In the past they had troubles with foes but had overcome them. They met one another within battles. After the battle, the four princesses fell madly in love with their princes. The villains were defeated and everyone lived happily ever after. Well, maybe in your usual fairytale. This story, isn't your typical fairytale. A ball was thrown in celebration of the weddings and the villains being defeated. In the middle of the big celebration, guess who decided to show up as they raise their glasses toasting to a long live. If you guessed the foes that were "defeated" you guessed correctly. Instead of using the door like a normal person, they used their magic. They poofed into the ballroom. Ursula, Jafar, Gaston. Not the Huns, they actually died. Plus, Ursala figured it'd be too much to actually get all of them to the kingdom. She placed a curse on the entirety of the room. A curse that would make them unable to remember what had happened in their past. It would rid them of their identity all together. They don't know each other as princes and princesses. They know each other from school. From the brat, to the fisherman, to the thief.

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