Brienn Banner- Shadow

Shadows were highly programme systems implanted into children's minds so they are the 'Bloods' personal assassins, however they began to turn on the 'Blood' and became a threat so they were all wiped from the programme.
But one has survived...
When Brienn turns 16 she logs into the programme in her name but she has made sure to find out everything about her species and finds what the 'Blood' plan to do with her if they capture her.

Assyrian- Royal family
Blood- Government
Warriors- Royal army
Conscience- Humans/ Worshippers
Evervescent- Concentration camp for traitors and criminals
Shadows- Sinners/ Programmed minds/ Assassins

1. Pods

In our society, we are contained in group called 'Pods'. Each pod has a meaning to it, and to why you are chosen. The one you are placed in is determined by the 'Blood'. The 'Blood' is the name of our government. That is also the name of the pod for all they're children and everyone 'pure' enough to follow in their footsteps.

All together there are five Pods. Each with they're own meaning.

Assyrian- The Royal family

The Blood- Government and their children

Warriors- The royal army

Consciences- Humans/ Worshippers

And the Evervescent- A concentration camp for future traitors and criminals.

They separated you when you are sixteen because that is when you change. The change is not a big thing, and it's nothing to worry about. Plus because they test you when your sixteen when you change, they can see who and what you are so if you are a traitor or a criminal, they can catch you and stop you before whatever it is that makes you a traitor happens.

My test is tomorrow night. It will determine which pod I am contained in and why I am placed in that pod. It is a test which tells the truth. On our planet. It turns out to be the only thing which does tell the truth.


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