Mortals Meet The Greek World

WARNING THESE STORIES ARENT MINE I have borrowed and will give credit to them this is just a collection of my favorites


8. Percabeth by NARENKAPZ



Annabeth's POV

I rubbed my arms self consciously in the burning heat of the sun.

At the moment I was at the beach with her friends Piper, Rachel, and Calypso, who had brought along their boyfriends, Jason, Leo, and Octavain. I probably would've brought my boyfriend too, if you know, I actually had a boyfriend.

I've been told I was pretty, and no, i'm not conceited, my friends always tell me that I am, and boys ask for me left and right. I had curly blonde hair that reached my mid back, gray eyes, and tanned skin, from when I lived in California.

I don't live in California anymore, I now live in the big apple, New York! It's nothing like California, the fact that New york has winter and California does not, and New york was always bursting with energy. I moved here because I got accepted into Columbia University into the Architecture program, and thats where I met my best friends, Piper, Rachel, and Calypso.

They all were in the water with their boyfriends, splashing each other, and I was on my beach towel. I continued to rubbed my arms because, Piper forced me to wear a bikini and I haven't worn a bikini in years. It was silver and was halter top and the bottom you had to tie at the sides. I tied my hair into a messy ponytail and grabbed my bag to find my book, Pride and Prejudice.

Piper, Rachel, and Calypso stormed up from the water and ran to me on the towel. They flopped down on their own towel that were next to mine and they giggled. "Annabeth." Piper said giggling and poking me. "Annabeth." She said again and poked. I ignored them but they wouldn't stop. "God damnit Annabeth! Get rid of the book for a minute!" Rachel snapped. I sighed and set the book down.

They quickly surrounded me and they all had to same smile. It was the boy smile. It was the smile I hated the most because thats when you knew all they would talk about is boys.

"Oh my god, Annabeth, look- wait don't look, but there's a totally hot guy looking at you!" Calypso squeaked excitedly. I sighed and stared at them. "I'm not going to date some random guy on the beach-" Rachel lifted her finger at me. "Ah, but that's the thing. He isn't a random guy at the beach. He's a lifeguard, so he's not a random guy at the beach!" I sighed and gave up and shrugged. "Wow thats amazing." I said sarcastically.

Piper pouted. But she turned her head and gasped.

"Ohmigod! He's coming over here right now!" She latched her arms with Calypso's and Rachel's arms, stood up and dragged them away.

"BYE ANNABETH!" Rachel shouted and they went back to their boyfriends. I sighed and untied my ponytail to only tie it up again.

A shadow soon replaced the sun and I looked up.

Okay, so Piper, Calypso, and Rachel were right about him being hot.

He had Jet black hair that was unruly, tanned skin, and toned muscles. He was wearing swim trunks, sunglasses, a whistle, and holding a rescue tube.

"Hello." He said smiling down at me. "Hi." I said back pathetically. He plopped himself down on Piper's towel.

"I'm guessing those 3 girls were talking about me to you?" He said while smirking. I sighed and took of my sunglasses and placed them on my head. "Sadly, those 3 girls are my friends, and right now they are with their boyfriends in the water." He laughed and took off his sunglasses too. His eyes were sea green and oh my god.

"Percy Jackson." He said sticking his hand out. I took his hand and shook it. "Annabeth Chase."

"So, how old you?" Percy asked tilting his head. "22, I go to Columbia University." I bookmarked my book. "What about you?" He smiled happily. "I'm 23 and I go to NYU." I nod.

I smirk. "I bet right now, my -sadly- friends are watching us right now." Percy laughed and nodded.

We both turned our head to face my friends. The immediately whipped their heads around, to pretend to avoid eye contact. "They're not looking." Percy said and I gaped. "What do you mean! They were looking!"

"Yeah, but not anymore."

"But they were."

"But you asked if 'they were looking at us right now', and they're not."

"No! That's not- but- you know what I mean!"

"No, Annie, No I don't."

"Ugh! Don't call me Annie! You're- you're a Seaweed Brain!"

Percy paused and gave me a look. "Seaweed Brain?" He grinned.

I blushed and played with my fingers. "Well, Yeah! You're a Seaweed Brain! You have seaweed in that brain of yours." Percy eyes me for a while.

" You think you're so wise?" I nod. "I'm very wise." He smiled.

"You're Wise Girl!" He blurted but then blushed. "Wise girl?" I asked laughing. He nodded, laughing too.

"Yeah, Wise girl. You think you're so wise." I shook my head laughing.

"Wise girl doesn't sound much of a threat." I said gasping for breath. He frowned. "Yeah, it sounded much better in my head." I patted his head. "No wonder, since your head is full of seaweed and all. Percy slapped my arm. He pouted. "You're a meanie." I laughed. "Okay, I'm sorry."

Percy began to blush and grabbed his phone from his back pocket, "Can I have your number?" He handed his phone to me. I smiled and took the phone. I wrote my number and my name and handed it back to him. I grabbed my phone and gave it to him and he wrote down his number. "Alright thanks!" Percy said happily.

Percy looked back to the lifeguard chairs winced when he looked at the time. "I have to go back, so I'll call- or maybe text- you later?" He asked and I laughed and nodded. "Alright, see you later." And with that, he left.

5 seconds after he left, Piper, Rachel, and Calypso came up to me and sat on their towels. "You guys should really stop ditching your boyfriends." I mumbled. Calypso stared me in the eye. "C'mon tell us everything." I sighed.

"We-" My phone buzzed indicating I got a text.

Percy: Ooh, already talking about me aren't you ;)

I laughed and Piper squinted at me. "Annabeth. Who are you talking to." I looked up from my phone.

" Malcolm." Malcolm was my twin, that honestly looked nothing like me.

"Oh." Piper said but Rachel glared at me. "SHE'S LYING! SHE'S LYING LIKE A RUG!" She shouted. I clamped a hand over her mouth. "God, don't yell out." I grumbled. "You were lying!" Calypso gasped. "I bet you were talking to Percy." I sighed, but then my phone buzzed again.

Percy: Annabeth Chase, have you been lying about me. God, am I that embarrassing.

I glare at my phone and then glare at Percy who was happily sitting on the life guard chair. Rachel grabbed my phone and looked at the texts. "It was Percy!" I sighed.

Piper clapped her hands together. "Ohmigod! It's my new OTP!" I scrunch my nose. "Really?"

Jason, Octavian, and Leo walked back up. "What are we talking about?" Leo said popping his head next to Calypso.

Calypso yelped and smacked her hand on his face. "LEO! Oh my god, I am so sorry!" Leo laughed, "It's fine."

Piper kissed Jason's cheek and so did Rachel with Octavian's cheek.

"Annabeth met someone." Piper said happily. Leo clapped his hands. "Ooooh!" I groaned and stood up.

"I don't know you people."

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