Nothing Beside Remains - Music - Reaction to Ozymandias

Written for the 'Remix Project' competition, this piece is my reaction to the poem Ozymandias.
This piece is available for download (Free) in high quality at .

Chapter 1 is a written commentary on this piece of music.
No last-minute changes were made.


1. Write up

This piece was written as a reaction to the poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley: themes of decay, time, empire and eternity.

The piece is in four main sections- the introduction,the three themes and the spoken words.



This simple introduction sets the scene- a desert in 'an antique land'.



The second section is the main theme. I felt that this poem was sad, questioning those who consider themselves immortal, so I represented this in my theme. I used saxophone to create long, reaching, dischordant notes to represent the themes of the poem in my piece.


This theme uses guitar to represent the lives of people - living their lives in the desert, while underneath, the driving force of the empire is reflected in the orchestra. At the end of this theme, the king dies and the sand covers all that remains.



This theme changes the genre of the piece somewhat; replacing the old, with something new - something to conquer the barren land hundreds of years later.



Every generation believes it is infallible, and this short piece of spoken word gently satirises this, being one example of many from history.


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