Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


39. Chapter 39

Belle loves the fact that William and I are together..  She even made us a shipping name; Willabelle ..

I will not be surprised if she's planning our wedding. But I know that she really is happy, because I know her so well. Conan has made her to perfection.


But still we have to plan what we are going to do about Howard. Of course William gets silent when we talk about Aimée, and I'm too. I know she's having his baby, and it kills me. Even though William has tried to fix it. It will never be the same with him as the father. And what kills me even more is I can't have children. I will never be able to look down at a little baby with Wills ocean blue eyes and his fathers beauty. I will never have that, but William will. I think so often about why he stays with me. But I can't think about that. There's so much to do!


We've gotten William his own room now, and Belle has too. I've started to sleep and eat and I look much more healthier. We've asked for my mom and Noah to be send over here.


This place lies far away from the city, and it was once a prison, until the santa fight was invented. Then the numbers of thieves and killers fell by 90 percent. I guess they were scared to death to be sent to the fight one day, that they got into town, and eventually got picked to be Elfs. And the prison was left. We had nowhere ells to go but a place where Howard wouldn't look for us. They build on the prison, and made secret rooms under the ground, and made rooms and offices. And here we are.

It's almost comfortable if it wasn't for the gray walls, the dark halls and the mirrors. And locked rooms. The place is old, and constantly dirty. We are about 20 people where Belle, Will, Conan, Alexander, Jamie, Kevin and me are included. I don't see the others very often. They're usually  in the offices working on all kinds of things. Trying to hack into Howards account, contacting people in the city, and destroying robots. I spend a lot of time trying to remember..

I watch new scenarios every time I go to bed, and Williams is sleeping in my bed every night by now. He says he wants to be there, and calm me down when I have nightmares, and I let him.


We're sitting hand in hand while listening to Conan's plan. "I'll tell it again. Williams returns to Howard with Annabelle, while Belle is undercover, and pretends to have caught her. Howard will wait a day before he makes a tape of Annabelle pulling back from the fight to show the people, then he'll kill her. But! We will get him before he does. While he's asleep, Williams lets out Annabelle and Belle. And you give him sleeping medicin which works for 24 hours, and while he's unconscious, you   bring him here, where we will get the truth out of his plans, and destroy it." Conan says with such determination it almost scares me.


I nod, but Will looks uncertain. "How will we get him to speak the truth?" He asks, and my heart skips a beat by the sound of his british accent, which makes me happy, because I've missed it so much. Conan nods with an almost happy look. "I was hoping you would ask" he says, and pulls up a large bowl with damp coming up from it. He puts a spoon into it, and stirs a bit in it. "This is a medicin I've been working on. It's to makes you tell the truth. Very hard to do.." He adds.


"Will it work?" Will demands. Conan nods, and puts the spoon over to William. "Lick the spoon and you'll tell the truth for about 5 minuts" Conan says proudly. Williams looks at me, and I smile encouraging at him. He smiles, and licks the spoon, and I feel like a fangirl looking at her favorite actor doing a really sexy scene in a movie. He looks so sweet, and I love him even more.

He makes a face, because it doesn't taste so great. I laugh a bit, and William gives Conan the spoon with a look of disgust. "It tastes terrible" He says, and I laugh and kiss his hand. He looks at me and smiles a smile that reaches his eyes. "I am funny aren't I" He says with a laugh. I nod and smile at him, filled with happiness I could explode. "God I love you" He says and looks at me like a man that sees the sun for the first time. I blush and kiss his cheek. "I love you too" I say in response.

William smiles and looks at Conan. "That shirt is not for you mate" William says. Conan looks offended, but as he sees us all laughing, he laughs a bit too. "You're right" he says.


I lean on Williams shoulder, and he takes my hand and makes small circles with his finger onto my hand, and it feels so great.

"I really do love you" He says.






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