Voodoo doll

Nabilah and Jakayla are new best friends they never really took much notice of each other when Nabilah joined jakayla's netball club and they started talking when they shortly realised they have a lot in common for example they both love 5SOS. After spending time with each other they grew on each other more when one day Nabilah tells jakayla she has 2 tickets to go to the 5sos concert. When they get there Luke takes a turn for the worst and falls over knocking his microphone into the audience which hits jakayla on the head an she passes out...........…......


5. 4. Back Stage


The rest of the concert was even better then the start because Luke and Ashton were staring at me the whole time. i felt like they were singing for me. Which i knew they weren't but still.... YAY.


Look i know that Mikey doesn't like me but he didn't wast a moment to jump off the stage and talk to me. The concert was even better with Mikey and Calum staring at me to whole time.


It is just so unfair just because Luke is an idiot and drops a microphone on a girl then why does she all of a sudden have a crush on him I am trying to take my eyes off her but i just can't. every time i look at her she is giggling and smiling at Luke. After what feels like forever we play the last song and the crowd goes wild screaming clapping and yelling how much they love Luke. after everyone clears away Luke and Mikey jump down to talk to the girls. Calum and i exchange looks as i am walking over to him.

he is the one who starts the complaining

"it is just not fair an innocent girl gets knocked over so Mikey sees the opportunity to flirt."

" I know, but why does that 'innocent girl'" I say that part mockingly

"Have a crush on him when all he did was nock her out" I continue

" hey um.... Ash maybe we could you know when the girls come back stage we could win them over and let them choose because maybe just maybe they don't like them like that and you know are just being fan girls"

"maybe, man but you know"

Cal and i walk over to them ( plus the girls),

" hey guys" Cal says he is talking to Luke and Mikey but the girls say hi too. "are you going to introduce us or will we have to?" he finishes.

"oops, Sorry" Luke says smiling and winking at the blonde girl. she giggles.

" this is Jakayla" she quickly jumps in and says that we can call her Jk, and this is luke points to mikey for him to say the other girls name but she says it instead.

"Nabilah" Nabilah says.

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