Andrew Biersack (Rebel love)

Sarah just movedette and is starting school in Cincinnati Ohio and she feels like she can't find any friends until Andy stumbles into her.


4. Waking Up At Andy's House

I fell asleep at Andy's house. I woke up and found myself on Andy's chest. He looked so peaceful. "Mmm. Andy?" I said. "Mm yeah?" He said. He is so adorable when he is sleepy. "Umm. Good morning." "Good morning baby. Wait what?! Crap! Um we need to get to school. Crap I am so sorry!" He started racing around his room. "Umm do you have clothes?" "I have some in my backpack yeah" I said. "Okay get dressed and um. Yeah do you need anything?" He is so cute. "Um do you have eyeliner?" "Yeah here." He went into the bathroom and handed me his eyeliner. I went into his bathroom and got ready. I came out of his bathroom and walked into his room. "Sarah? Are you ready to go." He asked me. "Um yeah." I shoved my crap into my backpack and went off to school with Andy. 

When we go to school a bunch of people stared at us. "Look at those to weirdos." Most of them would say. The are such immature people. We walked to my class together and he kissed me and walked on. When I walked into the classroom I handed my late stupid summer paragraph to Mrs. Humphrey. "Okay class today we are writing short stories about someone you love. It can be a parent, sibling, friend or uh girlfriend/boyfriend." Yay this is awesome. I have so much to write about Andy. I don't know if I would call him boyfriend or just friend. But I guess I will not worry about that. The bell rang and Mrs. Humphrey called me to her desk. "Sarah you do know that I made this assignment just for you. You seemed very distracted yesterday and and Mr. Duncan told me that you guys were very, how do I put this? Into eachother." "Yeah. I guess thank you."

The bell rang and school let out. Andy and I walked out together. "Sarah do you want to watch a movie together later?" Andy asked me. "Yeah that sounds fun." "Okay cool." He walked me home. "Okay here we are." I told him. "Okay I'll see you at 6?" He said. "Okay. I love you." "I love you too." He kissed me goodbye. I walked into my house. "SARAH IS THAT YOU?!?!" My mom screamed? "Yeah." "Where were you. You left the house at 6:30 and you are JUST coming home? Were you even at school?" "Yeah I was now leave me alone!!" I said and ran up to my room.

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