Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


7. Stella's pov

So Calum dropped me off at 9 because I told him it was my curfew, but really I have to be at a guys house by 10. I changed my outfit and grabbed some money, I was about to go get in my car when Calum called me. I looked down at the phone and contemplated answering it but Ryan an I have been dating for about a year...The reason I won't date Calum. No matter how much of a huge lie I'm living I can't choose between the two they need to make the decision for me. I got in the car and texted Ryan and Cal the same thing.* meet me at the espresso cafe.* Cal texted back first and as soon as I got there he was standing there with a notebook. He ran over kissed me and walked me into the cafe, the cafe was around the corner from his house and was about 5 miles from Ryan. I was making out with Cal when Ryan walked in.

   "What the fuck do you think your doing you Asian band singer! My girlfriend isn't a random fan you can just stick your tongue all over her like all your other fans." Ryan caused a scene and Cal just got up and walked out. I have never seen Calum so dissapointed in me, I didn't like it. I ran out after him and tried to stop him, he threw a printed copy of a song at me and I let it drop. 

   "I can not believe you made me come out to see you so you could have your boyfriend yell at me. On top of that you said you loved me and all this time you had a boyfriend. Who are you anymore, I thought we made the decision not to date because I'm on tours and your dad wont let you come. I thought I took you home by 9 every time because you had a curfew, not so you could see your boyfriend." Cal screamed at me his face got red and the whole time I sobbed and couldn't stop thinking of what had happened just this afternoon. I grabbed on to his sleeve trying to kiss him but we just pushed me off.

   "Listen, I brought you guys here so I could see who my heart really wanted me to be with. If you noticed I didn't even stay with him, I'm with you. I love you Calum and I want only you please let me prove it to you." I grabbed his hand and ran back into the cafe. Ryan was sitting at a booth and I sat down next to him bringing Calum with me. 

   "Listen, you are both here because Ryan I've been with you for a year now but I've been with Cal for two and I love him more then I could ever love anyone. I never wanted to hurt you, Cal was on tour and I needed comfort and you were here and took me home. I planned on telling you sooner but I liked the feeling of if Cal wasn't home you would be there for me. Its over now, it all ends now I need Cal with me and Ryan I need you out my life all you have ever done is cause problems. My dad hates you so I always had to sneak out to see you. I'm happy with Cal and only Cal." after I finished I grabbed Calum's shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. Calum kissed me back but I felt the difference of what it was earlier. I walked out and grabbed the paper he had threw at me and came back in and saw Ryan and Calum talking. The whole time Ryan and Calum were friends but didn't know they were being cheated on by each other. I handed the paper to Calum.

    "Do you mind singing this?" I said hoping Cal would just willing say yes. 

    "Well, you cheated on me with my friend so it doesn't mean the same but sure, let's go home. Have a good night Ryan sorry this ended like this, but I'm taking your girlfriend back." Cal and Ryan shuck hands and then he grabbed my hand walking out of the cafe. He kissed me one last time before we got in our cars, I went back to my house and called him. We talked for a little bit and then he told me how he honestly felt about this whole thing. All I can say is I'm super happy he still is madly in love with me.

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