Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


40. Michael's pov pt.1

After we practiced Air at least 100 times, with many voice cracks and people singing at the wrong entrances. Melanie was a beautiful singer and now that we have been close, she is just beautiful in general. Something new, she was like going to the store to spend all your money on one toy but it's on sale and you get two. She was so beautiful and I just wanted to let her know. I called the concert planner and set up a concert for Sydney, Australia where we grew up. We have a month and a half to learn this song and a few others. Stella had this crazy awesome high range and she hit notes brighter then my hair colors. I loved when they sang together it made me feel like I sucked and I should stop singing forever. 
  "Let's catch some dinner? We have our concert date and we've been working for hours, I want some pizza." Calum was very open to the fact he was hungry. If he was hungry, he was a hungry an everyone knew it. Melanie and Stella hugged and jumped off the stage running upstairs. Syd and Ash got off the couch and walked out. All the girls got dressed and all the guys changed into better clothes. It wasn't a date night but it wasn't a put your sweatpants on and let's go day either. I mean we had just got down a great new song and sounded great. Even though we were in the same house I texted Melanie. 
Me- some how we need to talk..
Melanie- yeah I know. Meet me in the set room?
Me-10 minutes?
Melanie- I guess
I finished getting dressed and walked into the studio as if I left something out. I put my phone down and turned the light off. 
Melanie- are you ready yet?
Me- I'm in the studio, the light is just off so people don't make assumptions about us.
She walked in and turned the light on. I started to wrap up cords and put stuff away as we talked.
  "So did last night mean anything to you?" She stuttered to ask me.
  "Yeah.. I was scared to ask you the same thing." I smiled at her and she smiled back. 
  "I can't top thinking about what happened. Would you ever allow it to happen again? Like maybe the night before our concert?" She was so beautiful I was more lost in her eyes than in what she was saying. 
  "Um yeah but maybe we could perfect our technique a few times before that?" I get so nervous talking her it's like little butterflies all over again. I've known Melanie for years and now all of a sudden she's what I want. 
  "I think that sounds great. We better get going before they freak out." She kissed me and ran out turning the light out. I made a group chat for all of us and I think maybe it would help us organize a lot better, now that we are all iPhone supporters.

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