Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


38. Ashton's pov

I've been having a great time with Melanie lately, we don't do anything sexual and but in glad that I know she's mine and there is no broken friendship. I've been writing song lyrics in my phone because I always me up before her and don't wanna leave her. Michael and Ash have been "single dating" lately so I know he doesn't want to practice and Luke and Calum are going neck for neck on Fifa. They try so hard and we all know Luke will never beat Calum. Calum is the athlete, Michael is the stylist, Luke is the popular mean girl and I'm just the muscle. Sometimes I swear Luke was born to be a transgender, he is so feminine sometimes. I need to stop thinking about the guys and figure out how I'm going to tell Melanie about last night. When she left I bought this girl a drink and she took me to a room and we did some stuff, I mean  Melanie and I aren't dating. We probably won't ever date, we are just closer friends. We cuddle, kiss, hug and occasionally shower together. I grabbed her butt to wake her up an then kissed her forehead.    "Hey, we need to talk.." I started it off the most simple scary way ever.   "You know I don't like being talked to when I wake up. What's up?" She had the cutest half awake voice ever.    "Well last night after you left I did something's, I shouldn't have. But we're not dating right?" I was so nervous and she was so tired she might not even remember this.    "Listen, we're not dating. We can see whoever we want, but your my best friend and no one can take that from me." She kissed my cheek and got up and walked to the bathroom.  I rolled out of bed and went downstairs to the studio, Michael was writing down some words in a notebook then singing.    "Hey man. What are you writing about?" I climbed up beside him.    "Not Melanie. Don't hit me!" He nervously laughed and flinched.    "She's not my girlfriend, we agree to see other people but she's my best friend and no one can take that from me." I said laughing at his pain.    "So are you guys still like friends with benefits?" Michael asked continuing to strum his guitar.    "Yeah, I guess you could say that. We don't go any farther then kiss though. How are you and Ash doing?"    "Who? Oh yeah umm okay I guess, it's weird." Michael didn't know who Ash was, he was doing a great job at the whole forgetting thing.    "We should be back together in no time. That's my girl, I could never be with another girl." He quieted down as he said the last part. I grabbed my box drum and started putting some beats to his rhythm. It was so hard keeping the beat while he strummed a unknown song and Calum and Luke screamed about Fifa. Michael and I were usually good friends but today he was so awkward I had a hard time getting into a musical mood. Melanie came running in and started dancing to the really crappy "music" we made. She was always good at making us feel better about the shittiest stuff. She grabbed liked guitar and swung it around her grabbed his mic stood in his spot and lowered her voice to sound like him. She ripped the notebook out of Michael's hand and sand along like she's known the song for years. The more she sang the more she sounded like herself and then I noticed maybe we should sing a cover that she could sing a girls part.    "I have the best idea ever." I stopped her singing.   "Shawn Mendes sang our song, now we sing his! Melanie, Michael can teach you some more basic cords and we can sing air at our next concert. We will tell the whole band later but first we need another girl who can sing with Melanie." I grabbed the laptop of the podium and printed out the cords and lyrics to Air.  Melanie got the copies and handed them out.    "The only other girl I feel comfortable singing with is Stella, do you guys mind?" Melanie was brilliant.    "Nope that's great! Every Shawn part will be split between Calum Michael and Luke and then during the hook we will all sing." As I finished up Melanie ran out to get the boys and Stella. We worked on the song till it was perfect. 
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