check yes juliet

Dan and Phil fiction mostly dan cause he's the character that my character lizzy falls for


6. Dan's little plan

 I was about to say bye but his phone beeped he read the message and looked at me and just had this huge grin on his face "what?" I asked him a bit nervous "looks like I get to be apart of Dan's little plan" he said with a small laugh "really Phil what is it?!?!" I said excitedly "I can't tell you! All I can say is that it's really sweet and adorable and that you'll love it" he replied while replying to dan. "Bye I guess ill see later then if your apart of the plan" I laughed and got out and waved, Phil waved back and quickly backed out and backed into Dan's driveway got out waved again, then walked into Dan's house, I laughed at his silliness and walked into my own house "who is that?!" My mom and dad jumped me right as soon as i get in "a friend why?" I asked "why is he at Mr. And Mrs. Howell's house?!?" My dad pushed on "cause Phil gets along with everyone and doesn't hold grudges" I said starting to get irritated, "lizzy Lynn McDaniel don't you talk to us that way" my mother said "well it's true now if you excuse me i would love to go to my room" I said walking towards my bedroom door, I walked in and went out on my balcony,I looked over and saw dan and Phil running around like morons, I laughed to myself and walked back inside and pulled out my laptop and got on twitter, I texted dan asking for his and Phil's Twitter names and he quickly replied, I looked them up and followed them and scrolled around Twitter till 10 that's when I heard a rock hitting my balcony door I walked out and saw dan and phil, Phil was holding a guitar and he had started to strum "check yes Juliet are you with me? rain is falling down on the sidewalk I won't go intill you come outside" dan started to sing and his parents came over and mine came outside "what the hell is happening?!?" Mrs.howell yelled "check yes Juliet kill the limbo ill keep tossing rocks at your window there's no Turing back for us tonight" he continued "Daniel stop this nonsense and come back in" Mr.Howell said "just shut up and listen maybe you'll learn something" I said irritated "lace off your shoes aye oh aye oh ohhh here's how we do run baby run don't ever look back (gestures to our parents) they'll tear us apart if you give them the chance don't sell your heart don't say we're not meant to be run baby run forever will be you and me" dan sang and everyone fell silent "Liz I don't care how foolish our parents are, the last 2 days I spent with you were the best 2 days of my life and I don't cAre what our parents say because I love you Liz" dan said with a grin, I jumped off my balcony and hugged dan "I love you too dan" I said so everyone will hear it "wow I never realised how childish we were being intill now" my dad said "well this just shows how much maturer our kids are then us" Mrs.Howell replied "look we are sorry for sabotaging your prom night" my mom said to Dan's parents "and we are sorry for rigging the vote box" Mr.Howell replied "and we all our sorry we kept it going onto you guys" mine and Dan's mom both said "YEAH MY OTP IS REAL!! Now kiss!" Phil went excited then got serious "what do you say lizzy?" Dan Asked, obviously I Answered with my lips. And that is the story of the boy who once was my enemy but is now my boyfriend.


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