~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


21. Mad Again

I laid my back on my bed looking up at the lamp. I really wanted to see the world, but I want to see it without feeling that I'm one of the criminal. I folded my legs, compressing it around as I form a ball.

I can't forget what he said: 'I'll never understand'. But how will I? I'm an ignorant who knows nothing but to have fun and make foolish dreams as of a child. I think like a child, yes. But no one can blame me if I do, I've been stuck in my room since I was six, and all I could think of is have fun and play like I wasn't a woman. I act like I'm a child because that's where I stopped being chased by other dreams. Being in a box where you can only find yourself growing doesn't mean that you're also progressing like you age.

No one ever teaches me how to become a woman. All of them never speak to me, well exclude my father and mother. But they only talked to me per minute. As if I'll get tired if I talk to them. And what makes me happy is the balcony in my room where I could see my long dream. Maybe I'm just dreaming for nonsense?

I woke up and we're on sail again. I'll never forget what happened last night when I could hear laughter and clung of metals, or I should be certain that it's treasures that they've got after killing those people who 'doesn't' deserve to live.

I stood and went to the deck with everyone looking at me. I gotten used to it. They always do that, no one ever keep away an eye from me. I went above the deck and I saw the 'captain' giving his brave orders. He looked at me, but I didn't bother to gave the same look he wants to have. I don't care if he pushes me to the shore and fed me to sharks.

He grabbed my arm making me face him. "We're returning you to Clavor's island." he said with a cold voice.

I frowned as I pulled my arm for him to let go. "No need to return me! Just kill me!" I hate you! "Go on, where's that gun of yours and shoot me right away."

The crew started to look at us again, but who in the world cares?


I just sighed and looked away ignoring her. She's way too careless to speak. And I know that if I point my gun to her, she'll regret, so "I won't bother killing someone who's not determine to die." I said.

"Oh yeah? I thought you don't care? You said nobles like me don't deserve to live, right? So go on ahead and show me that 'right thing' you're doing." she went near and grabbed me by the wrist.

I stopped and faced her with a sharp glare. I know she backed there for a moment, but she stood still giving me her frown. "Will you stop bothering me, I'm full of your nonsense!" I said loudly as I pulled my hand violently and walked away.

"Then I'll make my own way then." she said and the surrounding silenced.

For a moment I felt worried, but then, I tried not to care at all. She's just bluffing anyway. "Cap'n!" one of my crew shouted.

I looked at him and the rest of the crew on the other side of the deck. "What are you all doing there?" I asked.

"Cap'n she... she's drowning!" they all said in unison.

Oh Scrap! That girl really knows how to do 'reckless' things. I removed my coat as I jumped to the ocean and searched around for her. What she did is just... stupid! 

After a minute, I finally saw her sinking so I quickly dived down to get her. We went up to the ship and my crew helped me up. I shrugged her violently. "Hey wake up!" I kept on shouting. "Hey listen, wake up!!!" put she didn't.

*Ahem* all my crew cleared their throats. I looked at them and all they did was to point their lips. "K-i-s-s!" they all spelled out and I face palmed. No way! "Do it if you want her to live." all of them told me.

I really want to say a bad word now, but I just can't spit it out.

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