You Deserve Better

First I would like to thank J.K.R for all of her awesome characters. Also, I want to say that if you don’t ship Cho and Harry or as I would like to call them Charry, then stop reading now!!!!!!!!!!! Just so that you won’t be surprised, Cedric is going to be alive AND a jerk. So, if you don’t like these things, I would like it if you would stop hating and just give this a chance. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!


5. The really bad breakup

As we got off the stage, I continue to stare at Cedric. Is he drunk? He looks really pissed. I wonder what he is going to do to me. To us. About fifteen minutes later, we walk into him. Awkward silence is what exchanges between us. Finally, Marietta says something.

“So, how did you like our performance?”

“The singing wasn’t that bad,” Cedric replies, smirking. You can clearly smell the alcohol on his breath.

“I don’t understand what that means,” she says looking at him. She must smell it too.

“HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME? YOU DON’T REALIZE HOW EMBARRASED I WAS CHO! WHY DO YOU DO THINGS LIKE THIS TO ME YOU….BITCH,” he says. Then, he does something that scares me. He slaps me and Marietta on the ground. Harry then walks up in front of him while Draco steps behind him. Draco holds him while Harry punches him until he is knocked out.

“Thanks,” me and Marietta say in unison.

“Anytime. Would you girls like to go somewhere more quiet?” Draco asks.

“Nah, me and Cho are just going to bed,” says Marietta and I nod my head.

We get to our room, and that’s when the water works start. But, I cry softly so she can’t hear me. Once I hear her snoring, I whisper to myself,” Why did he do this to me?”

~The Next Morning~

I wake up and my pillow is wet. I wonder why? Then I remember Cedric slapped me. Then I feel the pain. But, it’s not from my face, but my heart. How could he do this? He was super hammered. Yeah, that’s why he did it. Or that’s what I’m going with. It’s Sunday, so I need to get out for a fresh air. As soon as I get dressed, I walk to the same lake that Marietta dropped her lucky bracelet in. Thinking of that memory, I smile. My thoughts get ruined by the vibrate of my phone. (A/N I am just going to do the dialogue)

Daniel: Hey lil sis. Haven’t talked to u in a while. How’s life?

Cho: Alright, how ‘bout u Dan?

Daniel: Need more details CC.

Cho: Don’t want to talk about my week. Did a lot of stuff I regret. You first

Daniel: Not fair I asked u first.

Cho: You first or I will just hit ignore

Daniel: Fine. Well, you know how we have that bitch of a stepmom?

Cho: No, just u but continue.

Daniel: Well, I am working to break them up.

Cho: Is it working?

Daniel: Yeah. First, I put some lipstick in the car. Then earrings on the dresser.

Cho: OMG u so bad

Daniel: That bitch put me on punishment.

Cho: OMG 4 what

Daniel: IDK

Cho: She a real b

Daniel: Yeah

Cho: Too bad you live with her

Daniel: Not 4 long

Cho: How many years

Daniel: Just 3 for real

Cho: OMG ;)

Daniel: Not funny

“Who are you texting?” asks Cedric. I didn’t even see him here. I quickly text my brother: Gotta go. 

“My bro,” I respond cautiously. This might be bad.


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