The Shadow Thief

Cursed with the powers of the Big Three, Andrea hides most of her life in the shadows. Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Ares, and a few other gods and goddesses help hide Andrea from Zeus and anyone who'd want to hurt her. When Percy Jackson comes to camp Andrea has to decide, stay in the protection of her friends, or confront Zeus once and for all and join Luke.


1. Prologue

The Shadow Thief


      The sounds of children laughing carried up to the place of the Gods, alerting them that Leto had finally given birth to not only one, but three, babies and hardship it would be for anyone, especially one being threatened by a ghastly snake every day of her life. Zeus heard their laughter and appeared before them. When he gazed upon the three children a light filled inside him, he decided to take them with him up to Mount Olympus and grant them whatever they wanted. They were already gifted from birth so Zeus did not expect them to want much. The first child to go was Apollo he did not want for much and was soon given his wishes. Artemis being Zeus’ favorite child   granted many things including a silver bow and arrows that never ran out. Andrea was the last to go, she wished for only a few things, to be the goddess of trickery, shadows (such as shadow travel), and secrets, to be a gifted huntress, and a titanium set of bow and arrows, titanium knives, and a titanium double edged sword. Zeus gave her what she wished for. Her weapons where all forged out of titanium and three star sapphires were place encircled by a silver design on each of her weapons. The three children cherished their gifts and lived happy lives for a few weeks.


      It soon came to Zeus’ and all the other gods and goddess attention that Andrea was different than anyone they had ever seen, and they seen a lot of people. Athena was the first to approach her.

“Dear sister I’ve noticed something about you of late.” Athena started

“Why dear sister is everything okay?” Andrea asked surprised.

“Don’t worry about me, we should worry about you, has anything strange happened of late.” Athena asked

“If I tell you, you won’t tell Zeus would you.” Andrea asked

“Of course not.” Athena assured her, telling the truth.

“It all started a few weeks ago, I was off hunting I heard something in the bushes, I wasn’t sure what it was but I shot into it without even thinking. A piercing howl erupted from it and a large fluffy black wolf came out. A large stream of blood was coming out of the poor thing and then it fell over dead. I didn’t know what to do so I just went over and tried to comfort it. I soon fell asleep still holding on to it, but when I woke up it was breathing had no trace of blood on it. I know that I revived it from the dead but I though only Hades could do that!” Andrea said starting to freak out remembering the last part.

Andrea looked at Athena wanting Athena to tell her something scientific that she’d never understand, but instead Athena looked worried.

“Has anything else happened anything that you couldn’t do before, like hold your breath for an unusually amount of time or cause a random storm.”

“No nothing like that but I did make a small wind mess up Apollo’s arrow during one of our outings so it missed a bird that was singing the most beautiful song of a fair maiden and a daring knight. An one time I did fill up my bath with only one drop of water.” Andrea replied.

Athena’s eyes when misty like they always did when she was thinking hard. Finally Athena whispered “Meet me at the pavilion after Zeus is asleep, make sure to bring Artemis and Apollo.”

Andrea headed out and went to find her brother and sister. 


      Dark looming clouds hid the night sky. All lights were out and the triplets knew it was time. They escaped into the night, running silently to the pavilion. There they found Athena, Ares, Hermes, and Aphrodite huddled around something.

“Athena” Andrea said

The goddess noticed the triplets and turned, “Good you came, Andrea we need to get you out of here and into hiding as soon as possible, we believe you were born with the powers of the big three. If Zeus finds out he will kill you on the spot.”

“What do you mean?” asked Apollo

“I’ll explain later right now we have something to give you before you start your journey.” Athena nodded to the others and Ares handed a small package to Andrea.

“This will help you on your journey, we’ve each given something, including Hades and Poseidon, basically only Hera and Zeus don’t know about you.” Ares informed

“What?!, you told them?!” Andrea said in a loud whisper

“Don’t worry they already knew, to be honest they were surprised it had taken this long for us to see it, that’s why you have to leave now.” Aphrodite said.

“I have a place you can stay for a little bit but you must move every so often.” Hermes said.

“We’ll visit you soon.” Artemis and Apollo said giving her a locket with all of their initials around it.

“Thank you, I’ll never forget this.” Andrea cracked.

“Come now we must hurry.” Hermes said, he whistled and two pegasuses appeared.

They hopped on and giving everyone a parting glance they disappeared into the night sky.




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