Good bye

As it says in the title, my good bye to movellas.


1. Good Bye

If you are reading this you probably have knowticed that I have not been on in the longest time, nor have I updated my stories. As of late I have gain some truly amazing friends, and between them and school, and other activities I do, I have not been driven or motivated to come on. I still write. This is my good bye. I am leaving movellas. My stories shall stay up. In a way this is my say 'I forgot about my MySpace'(if you don't get it look up 'I hope you forget about your myspace' it is a song). So good bye. Every one I have come in contact with here has been so nice and helped me become a better writer. So I thank you, and thank you. It was nice knowing you, good bye. Whatch out for shadows, talking snakes, and shadowy figures. 


P.s. One last thank you 

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