Y/n + Harry = love <3

what happens when you and harry fall in love whats your story he saved you te night of the fire he helped you recover and risked his life to make sure you were safe what happens in your story with harry how does he save you When you love Your fights ( ok i stink at intros but the story is wonderful)


1. sleepover

" im so bored" "lol me to lets go to walmart" you said. "sounds fun we will find somthing there" your bff Becca said. You to got in the red car and drove to walmart. When you got out of the car you walked in and spotted lots of girls just standing by the doors none were shoping just standing and talking. " Look Becca thats weird" " yeah". About an hour later you had woop cream, blueberies, notebooks, pens with blue ink, perfume and makeup. " i half to use the restroom" "ok". Slowley you made your way to the bathroom looking at the clearenc section on the way. Your bff went in you waited outside and took a drink from the water fountain. All of a sudden someone takles you. " dude what the heck is wrong with you moron" "sorry are you okay love i didnt mean to zayn shoved me by the way my names harry" "my names y/n and you think sorry will work you just takled me onto the floor you guys are such jerks" "sorry run " "becca what are they talking about" "the crowd" "follow us girls" you started running behide the group of boys following them. " oh great " "well y/n you did say it would be" "fijiehshdbeiieiudhhkdnjdebhjedkjdfhusinjioewkjsdfjhkdkjbdsfgadkjhgdjlkajlgkhdjfldhghdghjgpoawliaw" 

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