''Dead Silence''

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  • Published: 23 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 23 Dec 2014
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The emotional instability and personal tragedies turn a man into uncontrollable killer.


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                                                                                                                                                  ...all sins are attempt to fill voids


         Today at ''North Valley'' High school  all lessons will be hold outdoors. It is a new policy in the school.
 According to this new ordinance the students from the upper classes should at least twice a week study around the nature and in open air spaces because these plain air classes  influence much better the concentration  and the assuming of the new teaching material, says the British scientists.
  Also according to the scientists teaching in ordinary classrooms is outdated.

  The high school students had nothing against this new innovation in their education. On the opposite-many of them found the idea of learning outside the school building very cool because they felt bored inside it.

                                                                                               . . .

      Today the teenagers from seventh grade, ahead with Mrs. Stone had to travel to the city park and there to conduct their American history lesson.
 Mrs. Stone entered the classroom and said:
-The bus is coming in five minutes, people. Get ready!

 The teen students were enraptured because it was their first environmental lesson.
 After a while everybody were ready to go out. Soon the school bus came and on the way to it, some children threw at the others paper planes and gums, but Lornie, just like always, had her headphones in the ears, pumping the music of Bjork.
     Mrs. Stone try to make a warning and started counting the children while they were getting up the bus. In it the banters and the teases continued. Nerd was sick of this infantile games and follies and shouted to stop but it looked that none of the children cared what Nerd was saying. Every single of the students had different occupation at the moment, besides being content and noiseless.
  Only the approaching of the park saved the situation to go out of control.
-Come on, everybody, little attention, please!!!-yelled Mrs. Stone
-In seconds we will arrive ! I don't want to see any chaos or even elbowing!
 Poor Mrs. Stone! Sometimes she thought that it would be better to teach in a zoo, than coping with teenagers in seventh grade.
-Everybody get off!!!!
 This time the students respectfully did what their head teacher said.

                                                                                                       . . .

The bus left everybody from the school near ''Belle View'' park and the children made their way to the benches in front of the big fountain.
 The sun was not shining brightly and all could sense the slight wind that was coming from East.
 -So, children, after you made yourselves comfortable on the benches, it's time to open your textbooks!-ordered Mrs. Stone.
 The park was almost empty this day, probably because of the lack of bright sun. But it was the perfect indoor place for one American history lesson.
-Children,being here in this beautiful place, doesn't mean that I will not examine some of you.
-Hell ,no!!!!-protested the teenagers
-Well, c' mon! It's not that hard!-answered half-smiling the teacher.
-O.K,  I think we can start with Donna
-Me?-the girl wondered. But why me?
The other seventh graders began pointing Donna with little papers and then giggling.
 -So, Donna, who is the 15th president of the United States?
  Donna didn't know the correct answer but in front of Mrs. Stone made thoughtful gesture with her hand on her head and wanted to guess the answer.
 After a while the teacher asked another question:
-Donna, do you know how many states had America at its formation?
 This again was tough  question for Donna. Some of the students raised their hands as a sign that they know the right answer, other just keep on giggling. Mrs. Stone eliminated the annoying noise and at the same time Donna started crying and went to a further bench alone.
 Mrs. Stone was little disappointed of Donna not knowing the answers to her questions but she will definitely will not give Donna  F for her silence. But all this didn't comfort the ashamed high school girl.
 Mrs. Stone also advised her to be more careful in American history.
  While they both were talking, few of the children heard voices behind the fountain.
Whoever were hiding behind the fountain didn't expect that from the other side will have students and a  female teacher.

 After very few period of time everybody in the benches heard  fire shooting and the very first who screamed with terror was Donna. She was very scared because  sometimes she was suffering from pangs of anaphylaxis. It was a severe reaction toward unexpected situations, situations of danger or peril.
 The unknown man who was hiding behind the fountain realized there are a group of people near him and saw the children and the woman running for their lives. Then, the man started fire shooting again with no distinct direction.
 Mrs. Stone was the closest to him, so he managed to point her in the shoulder.
-Mrs. Stone, how are you?-yelled Lornie and took her by the hand.
 Together, they were running faster than before and the teacher said:
-Hurry up, children! We will hide in this ruined warehouse.
   The children ran as much as they could and soon on the street across they saw the old warehouse. The shooter noticed that everybody went there. Then , he thought that he has nothing to lose-he already signed his death sentence murdering a guy behind the fountain. He wanted at any price to kill all witnesses. The shot man behind the fountain was his co-partner in the agency where they both worked and Mich gave Slash a big loan but Slash spent the money gambling , so he couldn't turn the loan back and considering this dead-end situation, Slash chose the easier way to kill Mich. Slash did this shocking act in public on purpose. He wanted to demonstrate his helplessness in front of the whole city. As they say-desperate people do desperate things. But is it really the right way to solve your problems?
  Before entering the warehouse, Slash put a black mask on his face.
 The children hid in the refrigerator area and their teacher hurried to close the heavy door. But didn't manage to lose it completely. Slash saw what the teacher was trying to do and hindered her movings by hitting her with a bullet between her eyes. The shot was fatal. The boys and the girls screamed and shrieked. The instinctively knew what had happened and that's why found the back exit of the ruined warehouse.
 Slash raised his voice and ordered everybody to come out otherwise he will kill them too, but to his surprise he saw no teenagers.
 After an instant he aw the back exit and thought that maybe the students escaped from there.
Slash reached the exit door and saw  some of the children. He produced fire shooting. Like in a slow motion two of the students-Steven and Melony fell off the dirty street and hit their chins. They both looked motionless.
The other seven graders, after hearing the noise of the gun, threw themselves into different directions, running chaotically through the city .
 While shooting toward the innocent children, Slash remembered how many years ago, some incompetent doctors took the life of his child and that memory in his head made him more cruel than before and wanted to take the lives of these children. He couldn't forgive or forget. Slash just couldn't control himself anymore and felt like the whole world during all these years of losses and tragedies was against him. Slash felt like an orphan inside but never find someone to help him cure the pain .
 Slash was running ceaselessly after the children. One of them-Theo remembered that he has a little knife in his school bag and he pull it out. His father gave it to him in case of self -defense against the bullies in the school area. Now Theo decided to use it against the biggest bully he had ever seen-Slash. The teenager threw strongly the knife and it stabbed the shooter in the knee. After the immense pain, Slash dropped his pistol and yelled:
-You, little monster! I'm gonna kill you, little bastard!!!!
 These were the words of the murderer after seeing that all of the children were far away.
 But Slash had no time to lose. He pulled the knife out of his knee strap, raised and started limping.

                                                                                       . . .

    When the scary big man was trying to walk, the running students saw in front of them a police department. What the teens do not know was that Slash still got a plan how to erase them from the face of the Earth.
 While the children told to the police officers what had happened to them, Slash grope  in his pocket an amateur bomb and an old grenade.
 Luckily to him there was not crowded on the street, so he  was able with no worry to put the bomb in the dust bin near the police department.
 After putting it there, Slash disappeared into thin air. And unexpected blow was heard and pieces of lumber scattered around. A fire began with full force. The police officers inside the building thought it was all coming from the next building but alas -everyone in the edifice were facing a live nightmare. The students started suffocate from the poisonous smoke. The flames reached the front door and then the roof. Everything happened so very fast like an action movie scene.
 Slash was seeing everything from a safe distance and made a self-satisfactory grin. While watching the building in flames, Slash noticed a woman crossing the street. It was hi ex-wife Tina. He haven't seen her since their divorce 5 years ago. Was destiny try to tell him something?
     Slash hated his ex-wife, too. He also wanted to revenge her by taking her life.  Slash was in the middle of the next street and caught Tina at gunpoint.
Seconds divided the innocent woman between life and death. But surprisingly to the shooter a truck was nearing him. The driver inside tried to stop, but didn't manage to pull the break. It was already too late. Slash body was under the tires of the truck. Tina completely didn't understand that this day may be her last day on Earth. Her angels or the balance in nature saved her for good.
     After this horrible moment, everything and everyone froze. The passengers-by were gone, the children and the policemen  were probably dead. Dead was also the man, responsible for this hell. He passed away and no one understood his tragedy.

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