Harry Potter: Your Story

This is a story about Hogwarts. About witches and wizards. About spells and wands. But most of all, It's about YOU.


1. Intro

This is about you, and your OC. (Other character that you create)

Enter an Info sheet like this;


Name: Thea Goldwing

Gender: Female

House: Ravenclaw

Skills: An animagus, worked incredibly hard to learn how to do it. Especially good at Polyjuice potions and spells that can change appearances.

Personality: Hard working, a little bit of a goody two-shoes.

Appearance:  Pale, almost white skin with no spots. Dark blue hair and even darker blue eyes that turn green when it is sunny.


Please put these in the comments and as soon as I have two people I will begin writing. Any late entries will be put into the story slightly further into it. Thank you!


Update: We may change your house. Please don't get upset!!


Update: We need more males!!!

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