Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine


 It was nightfall by the time the spotter ran into Tornei's home shouting, 'Dragon!' 

'Ring the bell!' said Tornei, and the spotter did just that. Soon the bell was ringing. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Three rings meant attack.

'What should we do?' asked Dalya.

Tornei looked around the room for someone, anyone! 'Harry!' she shouted. Harry the Guard came over to her. 'I need you to take my children to somewhere safe. Anywhere you can find.' Harry nodded and Tornei began to desent upstairs.

'Where are you going?' she heard Dalya ask but Tornei was unable to reply to her. Instead, she made her way into her room and pulled her bow off the wall. She grabbed three arrows left on the table and went back downstairs and out of the front door. 

People were running around trying to get to safety. Tornei had no idea where Harry had taken her children but she had hoped it was somewhere that was safe.

Tornei made her way down the village. She knew someone would come looking for her but Tornei knew she couldn't hide while anyone else was in danger. She knew Con wouldn't.

Tornei wasn't sure where she was going, all she knew was the sound of a high pitched screech and several buildings burning. She looked up to see a dragon fly over the village. Holy shit. Tornei ran towards the bell tower, which had stopped ringing. It was hard to run when you're six months pregnant but Tornei did the best she could. 

The dragon sweeped low and breathed fire again. The fire caught one house and screams were added to the mix of sounds. 

Tornei made her way up the bell tower's steps until she reached the top. She had a clearer view here. Most buildings were on fire and Half-breed's where running in every direction. Some towards the forest, some out of the village. While others curled up into a ball, just waiting for the fire to reach them. 

Tornei set up her bow, with the arrow and aimed it at the sky. There was no sign of the dragon but Tornei knew that it couldn't leave unless where was on fire and everyone was dead but the only creature dying was going to be this creature, Tornei just needed the right moment.

The sky was quiet until the screech broke the silence. The dragon sweeped down, Tornei let go of her arrow but instead of the arrow hitting the dragon, it sailed right past the creature. Tornei grabbed another arrow from the ledge and loaded up her bow. 'Come on, come on...' she whispered to herself. The dragon sweeped down and its tail caught the bell tower. Half of the bell tower fell down and Tornei jumped to the other side, letting go of her aimed arrow. Half-breed's began to gather around the fallen bell tower now. Some shouted up to Tornei to come down but she couldn't now, this dragon was going to die even if she died with it, but her thoughts when to that little part of Con growing inside her and that made her all determined to kill the dragon even more. She grabbed her last arrow, wishing she had brought more, and aimed that one into the sky. I have to get its heart. In what seemed like a second after loading up her arrow, the dragon flew past. Tornei let go of the arrow for the third time and watched as it flew up into the sky and...actually hit the dragon in its heart. Dragon's body shut down quicker than any other creature when it was wounded in its brain or heart and Tornei watched as the dragon plummeted down towards the Half-breeds. They all ran left and right and the dragon landed with a thud. Tornei was breathing heavily and saw a Half-breed cat start to claim the remains of the bell tower. He grabbed her arm and helped her down.

The buildings kept burning but the dragon was dead. A Half-breed dog started to climb onto the dragon. Once he stood on its head, he shouted, 'Who wants dragon!' There was a mix of noises from the Half-breeds from ''yays!'' to just shouts. Tornei saw Harry and her children come over. Cadmys climbed up onto the dragon and stood next to the dog, Dalya edged around it while Jenna looked at it in awe and ran over to Tornei. 

'Who killed it?' Jenna asked.

'I did.' said Tornei, still breathing hard. She watched as her youngest child's eyes grew big. 

'You killed it?' she asked, amazed.

'I think I did, anyway.' Tornei couldn't actually remember what happened, all she could remember was the arrow hitting the dragon and the creature falling down. Did I hit it? She must of, she had no more arrows left and there was only her on the tower.

'What are they going to do to it?' asked Dalya, eyeing up the dragon, looking not entirely sure it was actually dead.

'I think Lukas wants to eat it. Cadmys too.' Tornei looked to Lukas and her middle child as Cadmys began to jump up and down on the dragon's head. 

'Can I have some? I want its tail. Not to eat it, to put it on my wall.' said Jenna.

'You can't put a dragon's tail on your wall.' Dalya said, bluntly.

'I can. Just you watch.' Jenna retorted.

Cadmys, seemingly bored with jumping on the dragon, ran over to Tornei. 'What's going to happen to the houses?' he asked. 'There all burned.' 

Tornei looked around, they were, with some still on fire. If Tornei had to be honest, she didn't know what would happen to them. They couldn't be lived in and their house wasn't big enough to store almost all of the villagers. That's when Harald, the owl, spoke up.

'Esteracre has more money than us. Perhaps we should take some of it.' he suggested.

And have the dwarves on us?

'We're not stealing from dwarves.' said Tornei, in a tone that should have meant no argument, but as usual, someone did have to disagree.

'So it's all right for other creatures to come and attack us, burn our homes and leave us for the cold. You Fyrehart's are all the same. I see that you're home's still in one piece.' Freia the Fox spoke up.

It was true, Tornei's home was untouched, being the last house. 

Tornei didn't know what to do. Let the cold have them, or take a bit of Esteracre's money? In the end, she made up her mind.

'Fine! You can go, but if we have the dwarves on us, don't blame me.' Tornei left then. Her short-lived victory over. The men started discussing the best way to break into Esteracre, but Tornei was in no mood to listen now. They won't want my opinion anyway. I only killed a bloody dragon. Jenna and Dalya followed her, still arguing about the stupid dragon tail but it seemed Cadmys decided to stay outside, probably to listen to the plan and to say that he wanted to go with them. He's not going anywhere. Thirteen is too young to steal from places, besides, they'd only get him killed. 

Tornei sat down, aching from standing up too long. Dalya and Jenna went upstairs to finish their debate in private. Guess what, Con? I managed to kill a dragon and make almost everyone in the village hate me. Tornei wished Con was with her now. He wouldn't have made the village hate him.

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