Blood! (5SOS) (Sequel to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1, Bitten!

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys. The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boys. But she got no power until she found it! One of them, again, fall in love with her Just because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles. She got a secret power. I can smell a blood of Chrissy's. It wasn't human's blood, it was with blood.

I run off to find her... You know what? I love being Vampire! Until she found out...

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


23. Chapter 22


Chapter 22




Harry P.O.V

I was holding my little sister, Chrissy, and we're going home!

We walk together, and I saw the three of my best friend.

So be it!

We're going to take over the tour.

I will be calling our mum that Chrissy was all right and going to the tour with us until the end!

I want her to be happy!


We won't tell her what our power, Witch and Werewolf are.

So, I won't able go back in England.

I was thinking to leave Chrissy in there, but she's easily refuse, and she want to go back with me. 

This place is our home.

If they decided to 'Leave'.

I told her to pack her suitcase.

So, we'll get ready for tomorrow.

She walks in at first, and I smile at it.


Because of her walking, it does remind me of Amber.

No matter what happens in her life, I will crush on Luke.

I laugh a little, and I sigh sadly.

You know that, right?

I can't crush on Luke because Amber loves her.

I look up at the sky, and I smile a little.

It does remind me of what Amber says this wired word.

All she say is:

"The sky, orange color that you can see, is so beautiful. One day, I will become a full vampire... I can't see the orange color." 

I laughed, of course.

I remember she looks serious!

That's all I remember.

I walk with my best friends and get into the house.

I'm serious, Amber!

I'm going to miss you...

And these boys too.

I sigh sadly.

I'm not going to tell you about what happens to us...

We went to our room, and I was going to my room, but I stop to see Amber's empty room.

I enter Amber's room.

It's lonely and so empty.

I miss you, Amber.

I was about to leave the room, but I turn around to see you, and I give you my great smile...

Thank you, my reader!

I turn around to see Chrissy stands by the door and I give her a friendly smile.

"Harry... Do you wand to go to Amber and confess your feeling to her?" Chrissy asks seriously.

I laugh nervously but stop because of her looks, Serious face.

"Look, Chrissy, Amber really loves Luke Hemmings. That's all!" I respond as I walk to where she standing at.

She looks at me, and she gives me a tight hug.

"I'm going to miss Amber." She sobs.

I hug her back.

"Me too..." I say softly.

I sigh sadly.

What if she will come to us when she's sad?

"I wish she could come with us..." She says as she pulls away from the hug.

"No, she can't... You know that, Chrissy! Only witches, wizards, and werewolves can go anywhere, but vampires can't go because they're too dangerous. They got to control their thirsty." I explain.

Chrissy looks down on the ground and thought about that.

Then she looks up at me again.

With that, the tear is in her green eyes.

Oh, man!

I made her sad face.

That face, again!

Even when I enter X-Factor...

"Will we come back? Will we?" Chrissy asks.

I put my hand on my head, and I start to run through my hair.

I haven't thought about that, but we will.

"Yeah, we will! That's alright! I guess. If you believe it, then we will go for it." I say.

We smile at each other.


Forgive me if you're mad at me, but really, I love you...

I will see you again when we finished something.

That's my feeling to love you, but it's too late to married Ashton.

It's shocking, right?!

I smile at it, and then I look at you.

Everything went blank!

This isn't goodbye, Amber!




Louis P.O.V

I pack everything in my suitcase, but I stop to packed because I was sad.

I miss Amber...

She's the one who makes me a happy person.

I look down on the floor.

You should know about that!

Amber does remind me one of my sisters.

I love everything about her.

She's beautiful and friendly person.

I didn't mean that way!

I love her as a younger sister.


I sigh sadly.

I miss you, Amber!

I just heard the talking and sobbing about Amber.

She should go with us, and they will be coming back to the ending of One Direction.

Just now, I was sad because of Simon; he wants us to coming to him after the tour's over!

I sigh sadly.

I'm ready-

Someone interrupts my thought, but I can smell because I'm a werewolf and then he comes in my room.

"Worried about something?" That was Liam asks.

I turn to see him sit down on the chair and I scoff when I shake my head toward his question.

"No!" I say softly.

"I'm pretty sure this was about Amber, right?" Liam still asks.

I look down on the floor slowly, and I sigh sadly.

If I lied, you know me that I'm terrified at the lie, he wouldn't like it at all...

"Yes..." I say sadly as I look up at him.

"I know... It's not fair! But... There's only one way..." He smirks.

I was confused.

Because of this smirk face, I was more confused!

Until I realise...

I open my mouth, and I close my mouth.


No, no, no!

Not forgetting spell!

"Not forgetting spell!" I shout as I taken back.

I don't want to forget about everything.

I tried once, but I can't do it...

I had worried about my family.

"What?! We're going to forget Amber?" That was Niall asks.

He runs speed toward us.

"Hey! 'We' forget about Amber expect for Harry, he will come back here to work with Wade and he will see Amber again. It's only about Amber that we only forget..." Liam explains.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because he's really good man and he respect everyone and pay his attention to everyone..." That was Harry says.

We all look frozen, and we turn around to see him, and Chrissy was standing at the door.

Liam nods when I turn my attention on Liam and Niall turns to looks at him.

"Exactly! And I want to remember Amber too but we can't because it would give us too much stressed." Liam explains.

I sigh sadly.

I haven't thought about that but...

Liam looks at us, and we look each other.

"Look, guys! I'm not doing it for Amber... Okay? I didn't like to forget about her. She's like our family. She's already part of our family." Niall explains furiously.

Now that's what I'm worried.

With that, Niall just walked off from us, and I just stand here.

I sigh sadly, and I turn around to see Chrissy was still standing on the door.

I can see her scared face...

I sigh sadly.

"Just leave him alone for now... Louis?" Liam says.

I can't believe that I did it, but I have to do it, and even now I was worried about Amber. 

I sigh sadly.

"Sure... I want to do it!" I say as I turn back to see his face.

"Good." That's all he says.

I sigh sadly.

I guess this is it!

It's nice to meet you, Amber!

I will see you soon... 

"Louis? Are you sure about that? Because-" I interrupt Chrissy's talking.

I turn around to see Chrissy so quickly.

"I'm sure about that! I'm ready!" I shout.

She looks scared.

I sigh sadly.

Was it because of me, right?

"I'm sorry..." I say calmly.

"It's okay, I guess..." Chrissy says.

I give her a sweet smile, and she smiles back.

When I look at you, yes you, I want to say I'm sorry for forgetting about Amber.


This is it, right?!

I walk toward Chrissy when I look away and I give her a nod.

I closed my eye when Chrissy's wand was on her hand, and I felt nothing...

Everything about Amber pops up in my mind.

Whatever is it, I'll always be there for you, Amber!

Until I feel something heavy is in my head...

I fell down on the ground.

Everything went blank.






Niall P.O.V

Next morning,

I lock myself by the door after Liam told me to forget about Amber and I still refused to forget about Amber...

She's part of our family.

She's still a half human...

I want to protect her, but she's also a half vampire, and she will become a full vampire very soon.

I woke up, and I sit up slowly.

With that, I yawn, but someone startles me to knock on the locked door.

I sigh sadly.

What is it now?

"Please, let me in?" That was Chrissy begs.

I sigh sadly.

The reason that I locked the door is...

I want to stay here with Harry and Chrissy to see Amber, and I want to see her again.

"Look... I know you don't want to forget about Amber, but I want to tell you that... Louis already forget about Amber." Chrissy confessed.

I want to do it, but I stopped myself.

I don't have any idea that I don't know why am I did it... 


I was saying that Amber shouldn't marry to Ashton, but she should marry for love.

No one like Mr Rosemary forces his daughter to marry with Ashton.


Why did you ask?

Because he trusts Ashton not to make Amber cry.


I sigh annoyingly.

I smell!

So, he wants her to marry to Ashton.

I sigh sadly.

Poor Amber!

I want to cry for Amber, but I can't.

Because I heard a lot of werewolves shouldn't feel the emotion!

"Thanks, Chrissy! But I still refused for your offer." I order.

We still doing it!

The forgetting spell...

Liam wants me to forget about her.

Only Harry can see her..!

I sigh sadly.

Probably Liam was waiting for me.

I sigh sadly.

"I invite Amber to come here..." Chrissy says.

I was surprised by it...

So, I follow her truth.

I walk toward the door when I get up, unlocked it and open the door.

Before I open the door, I always have thought about Amber, and I sigh exhaled.

I always love you, Amber, as a younger sister.

I look at you.


Wish me good luck..!

And it's nice to meet you, Reader. 

I smile a little.

After that..!

Everything went blank!

I was a fool, Amber...

I was a fool.




Liam P.O.V

It's my turn to forget about Amber.

I was scared as well, but it's a good thing to remember about her.

Sometimes, I love her as a younger sister.


She will become a full vampire very soon, just like the vampire boys.

I sigh sadly.

I can't believe I was doing it for my good!


Forgive me if you were mad at me or something!

I love you so much!

But it was for my good!

"I'm ready!" I give Chrissy a nod.

It had been two days, so..!

I still remember about Amber.

We're in England if you ask.

I smile gently.

I'm pretty sure about this smile is for you, Reader...

I would like to tell you what will happen in two days...

At least, I fell when Chrissy's wand is in my head, but someone caught me so quickly.

Everything went blank!


Look like..!

This is goodbye!





I was standing here at the corner with Harry, away from Niall's room.

I thought about it, everyone has to do it for Amber.

I sigh sadly.

Lucky for Harry and Chrissy can come back for Amber..!

I went to Niall's room when I heard the footstep inside Niall's room, and Niall opened the door as he was a fool.

Chrissy has been put a spell on Niall and luckily for him, I caught him when he fell.

I can hear that Chrissy was crying when she looks down on Niall's face and I look up at her sad face.

I realise that I should not force her to do it! 

"Good job, Chrissy..." I say sadly.

I pick him up, and I walk away from her.

"Was it me or you were sad and walk away from me?" Chrissy asks.

I keep walking away from her and walking.

I sigh sadly.

I'm sorry, Chrissy...

If I force you to do it, then why do you told me before?


It was too late.

"I don't know what is it, but I want to tell you something about your memories of Amber..." Chrissy explains.


I want to do it.

"I want to do it!" I shout as I repeat on my thought.

I sigh sadly.

Okay, I can do it!

"I'll give you all day to remember about Amber and then you'll forget about her next day." Chrissy offers.

I sigh sadly.

"Okay, it's a deal!" I shout back.

"Okay!" She shouts.


I was a man, but now I'm a werewolf and proud of myself!

Harry must feel the same as I felt!

I smile at it.

I walk away with Niall on my arm, and then I look down on his face as he's sleep.

I'm sorry, Niall...

I have to do it for Amber.


I'm sorry!

"Right! It's time to go home..." I shake it off.

I put him in the cars to get next to sleeping Louis, and I close the door.

I run into the wood and transform werewolf from my anger.

I run to get nearby the vampire's house and then...

I howl to let them know that we're going...

I howl again to Luke...

To say that..!

"Take care of Amber for us."

I turn around to run away from here...


I'm sorry.

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