Talent show

Brit Hemmings is a foster child looks,sings,and acts like Luke hummings what will happen when Brit try's sings up for a talent show and 5sos is there?? Oh ya and my best friend is Lilly Hohulian he's 2 years older than me she's like my mother


6. talent show

Brits POV

I'm the 10th person to go up I'm really nervous but Lilly well but up with me because she plays the drums were going to play voodoo doll acoustic because that's my favorite way to play any song the judges are 5soso and Mr shaw "number 10"

Lilly - ready

Brit- yup

Lilly - lets do this thing

Luke's POV

Luke- look the next girl is that girl from the bathroom

Ashton - oh yeah she has the same last mane as u

Luke - yeah I know

Brits POV

I walk on stage and I am very nervous Luke and Ashton are smiling like idiots hahah funny

Luke- w hi what's your name

Brit- Brit hemmings and this is Lilly

Ashton- ok what are you going to sing

Brit - voodoo doll

Michael- cool that's are song

Brit - I know

Luke- ok start when ever your ready

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