Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


17. So there's that




34 weeks pregnant 

"Well, where are we suppose to go?" Lip asked me and I shrugged. 

"My father left me when I was born, you can deal with it." I barked at him. I wasn't in charge of these kids. Of course I cared where they ended up but you know what, they got to keep my dad and what did I get? Nothing. He left me. I wanted nothing to do with these kids. 

"Violet, please." Scarlett begged. Does she really thing I don't know what's going on here? My father only has two daughter, that I know of and both of their names are colors. Seriously? I'm surprised her name isn't blue. 

"Scarlett, I don't care about you! You got the one thing I always wanted, a father! I am not in charge of you! You have to find somewhere else to live! We don't have enough room for you!" I needed to worry about my own kids and what me and Daniel were going to do because we were planning to buy a house back in Australia and spend summer's over there and when winter here there we would come back here. "This is going to put me into labor." I sighed sitting down. At any point now I could go into labor. Twins tended to come early. I was trying to get last minute Christmas shopping done since it was two weeks after the twins were born but it was also Ryder's birthday and her party was going to be the week before. 

"So you're just going to leave us?" Lip asked. 

"I did it at 16, figure it out." I said placing a tray of food down at the table for Ryder to eat. "I have three kids I need to worry about and there isn't enough room in this house for five kids." I answered which was true. I only had one extra bedroom once the twins are born. I have a room set aside for when they get older but for right now they would be sharing a room until they were both sleeping through the night. 

"But how? We have no money, it's not like we can get back to our other family." She said and I sighed. Daniel came down the stairs rubbing his eyes and only in boxer's. 

"What are you guys doing here?" He asked glancing over at the bags that they carried and he looked over at me. 

"We're trying to figure out where we can live." 

"You can live in my old apartment but you have to figure out how to make the payments." Is he serious? How long has he had this said apartment? And why didn't he tell me about it? We could stay there instead of going to hotel room's to get away. He went over to grab his keys and he pulled one off before handing it to them. "I'll drive you over there." He said and he kissed me before heading upstairs to get dressed and heading out the front door. 

Ryder was screaming her little head off and standing at the back door looking out at her swing set. 

"Let's go get dressed and then I will bring you outside." I said picking her up and she wailed at me. "Hey! Stop! You can't go outside in just a diaper!" I said tickling her belly and she giggled. I knew that if she could she would go outside naked but I wasn't going to let my daughter do that. All of a sudden the twins began kicking her and her stomach was rested against mine and she looked shocked. "That's your baby brother's." I said to her and she placed her hand on my stomach where the kicking was coming from. She tilted her head at me and she was clearly confused but it cracked me up. 

"What's going on?" Beau asked walking through the front door. 

"Ryder is feeling my belly." 

"I wanna feel your belly." He said running up the stairs to where we were. "I haven't felt a baby kick in a long long time." I laughed. I'm sure he would love to have more kids but he had his hands full with his three. "I still can't believe your pregnant again." He said. 

"Well believe it Mister." I said handing him Ryder. 

"What are you two up to today?" He asked. 

"I was going to get her dressed and we were going to go outside." I answered heading upstairs and he followed behind me. 

"Where's Daniel?" He asked. 

"He's dealing with Lip and Scarlett." I said shrugging as I pulled a bathing suit out of the closet and a cover up for Ryder. 

"What do you mean?" 

"Well, Jai kicked them out since they are having a baby and they have no where else to go so Daniel is letting them stay in his old apartment. They have to pay for it though." I said shrugging as I helped Ryder get her clothes on. 

"What apartment?" He asked and I shrugged. I had no idea and I wasn't going to question anything. 

"Why don't you invite the girls over. They can go swimming and stuff. We can have lunch, order pizza or something. I can have Daniel stop at the market for steak for dinner?" I asked. 

"Yeah sure." 

"I'll call Luke and Jai." I said as I called each of them and they were on their way over. "Daniel!" I shouted into the phone and he began to panic. 

"What? What's wrong?!" He shouted. 

"I need you to go to the market and get some stuff for a salad, a bunch of steak! Some chicken! Hot dogs and hamburgers!" I shouted into the phone and he sighed. 

"You scared me half to death." He said into the phone and I laughed. "What is going on that we need this?" 

"The boys are coming over. Gonna feed them lunch and dinner." I loved that I was able to put the drama behind us. I missed my family. I missed being able to do this. 

"Alright, I'll be there as soon as I can." 

"Auntie Vi!" Ryan and Oliver yelled as they came running over to me. 

"Hey, Kiddo's." I smiled hugging each of them. 

"Are we closer to the babies being here?" Ryan asked and I nodded my head.   

"Only six weeks." I told them holding up six fingers. I was very excited to meet my little boys. Did I ever imagine that they would be here? No. I never thought I would have any more kids but clearly I was wrong about that. I was about to have three kids and my first isn't even one.

"That's still a long time." Ryan said and I laughed. Maybe for me it didn't seem that long because I was carrying them. "Can we go swimming now?" She asked.

"You can do whatever you want." I answered her. Daniel came through the door not too long after and placed all of the bags on the counter and I put everything away.

"Do you need any help?" Eve asked coming into the kitchen where I was trying to figure out how to put a box on the top shelf that sadly my short height couldn't reach.

"I mean, neither one of us is tall enough to reach and Daniel hates when I throw stuff up there."

"Where's James when you need him?" She laughed. James was back home with family because his mom was cured from her cancer so they were all celebrating over there but since I was hugely pregnant Daniel wouldn't let me get on a plane so I wasn't able to go and see them. They are coming here for Ryder's birthday and Christmas though so I'm very excited.

"Go get Beau for me?" I asked and she nodded before yelling for him from the backyard. He was playing with Ryder who he handed over to Daniel before jogging to come and see what we needed.

"I need you to put this on that shelf." I said pointing to the shelf and handing him the box. "And don't throw it up there." I scolded him. He tended to do that. He helped Daniel set up the cribs for the twins and they fell apart when I put the mattress in there. I then flipped my lid and kicked them out of there and I did it all myself.

"You know, I'm not much taller than either of you."

"Yeah well we are both pregnant." I said. Eve was only 16 weeks along but I sure as hell wasn't. I loved being pregnant. It was so amazing that there wasn't just one person growing in there but there was two! I'm a very crafty person for doing that.


Later that night Harry made an appearance with the kids. He got along wonderfully with everyone here. He was sat next to me and I was holding his youngest who was only a few months old and he was drinking a beer.

"Where's Louis?" I asked him.

"His Mum is sick so he flew back home to help out." I nodded my head. "I stayed here with the kids. Might fly out there next week if she isn't getting better."

"I'm sorry." I answered and he nodded, tipping his beer bottle at me before taking a sip from it.

"Have you seen the nursery yet?" I asked and he shook his head and I got up the best I could before he took the baby from me so I could get up better.

"You go all out when painting and what not don't you?"

"Yeah. Well our first was a girl so you know how that goes and these are our first boys so he went all out."

"What are their names?" He asked.

"Koda Daniel and Kamden Scot." I answered. "Their names are on that wall over there." I said pointing at the cribs with the K's above the crib.

"I'm in love with their names." He said and I smiled.

"Yeah, me too."

"I have to tell you something." He said and he seemed to be a little afraid and I was worried about what he was going to say to me.

"Okay?" I asked.

"I'm pregnant." I was shocked. How the hell did that even happen?

"What? How?"

"We have no idea. I was feeling sick so I went to the doctor and they pulled blood and it came back positive." How the hell is that even possible? "I mean, how is it even possible?"

"Harry, do you have a uh, a uterus?" I asked and he shrugged.

"I assume so. Where else would I be holding my child?" I feared for whatever was going to happen to him.

"Does Louis know?" He slowly nodded. "Have you done research?" He nodded again.

"It's possible just very rare."


"I've been taking pills to see if it could ever be possible. I guess it's possible." How could that be possible? Then again, I got pregnant twice in the same year so there's that.

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