Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


6. Chapter Five

Ashley's POV

"Rachel, Aunt Kelly is coming over, so I can go out." I said. "Okay." She replied. "And don't forget you need to shower tonight, Aunt Kelly will stay here while dad is gone. I'll be home tomorrow." I said. "Okay. Bye." She said.

"Hotel?" Ashton asked, as we walked out my door. I nodded. "Aunt Kelly?" He asked. "My moms sister." I replied. "You know, Rachel isn't all the bad of a kid." He said. "I know. It's just that when my mom died, she built walls up, and she never took them down." I replied. "How old were you when your mom died?" He asked. "I was fifteen. Rachel was twelve, and Jackie was still a baby." I replied. "If you don't mind me asking, how did your mom die?" Ashton asked. "She got into a car accident." I replied. He got silent.


My phone started to ring as I was sitting on the couch in Ashton's hotel. "Hello?" I asked. "Ashley Ann-Marie Green, you better get home now!" My dad yelled. "How did you know I'm out?" I asked. "I came home early, when your aunt called me about some magazine picture." He replied. "Im coming." I replied hanging up. "My dad is angry. He found out." I said. "I have to go home." I said. "Okay." He replied. "If I get arrested, it's because I killed my aunt." I said. He laughed, "and I'll be there to bail you out." He said. I smiled.


"Ashley!" My dad yelled as I got into my house. He threw the magazine at me. "Who is Ashton Irwin! And why are you being seen with him!" He yelled. "Ashton is my boyfriend." I replied. "What!" He yelled. "Dad! Calm down. He's just my boyfriend." I said. "I've read about him ash! He's in a band! And you know how I feel about bands!" He yelled. "You're so over protective! So what he's in a band!" I yelled. "You aren't meant for people in a band ash! You are meant for someone who will treat you right, and someone who you will meet in Harvard!" He yelled. "I like Ashton dad! And he does treat me good!" I yelled. "Well obviously not good enough if they have a picture and your name in this!" He yelled.

"Ashy?" Jackie said walking down the stairs. "Go back to sleep." I replied. "You and daddy were fighting?" She asked. "A little. But it's alright now." I replied picking her up, and bringing her back to bed. "Ashy will you stay with me?" She asked. "I wish I could." I replied. "Will you be here tomorrow?" She asked. "I don't think so baby. I might go somewhere tonight." I replied. "I wanna come with you." She said. "No, you stay here." I said. "I don't want to. I wanna go with you." She said. I sighed. "Fine. Let's go." I said picking her up.

"Where do you think you're going?" My dad asked. "Out." I replied. "Why." He asked. "You think I'm gonna stay in this house with you?" I asked. "Why is Jackie going with you?" He asked. "Because she wants to." I replied, walking into the laundry room, to get some clothes for her.

When we got to Ashton's hotel, there we two security guards standing inside the hotel. I smiled at them, and went up to the floor where they were staying. "Hold up, who are you?" A tall man asked in front of Ashton's door. "I'm Ashley, Ashton's girlfriend." I replied. "We get that everyday. Get out of here." He said. "Please." I said. The man sighed, and knocked on the door. Ashton opened it. "Ashley?" Ashton asked. "Let her in." Ashton said to the man.

"What are you doing here? I thought you went home?" He asked. "I did. My dad and I got into a fight. Is Luke here? I need him to watch her." I said, pointing to Jackie. "Yea." He replied, going over to a door. "Luke, can you come here?" Ashton asked. Luke came out of the door. "Hey Ashley. Who's this?" He said looking at Jackie. "This is my little sister Jackie." I replied. "Ashy! Is he the one who Rachel has on her wall?" Jackie asked. "Yea ashy." Luke said. "Yes it is." I replied laughing.

"Calum, is it alright is my sister and I sleep in here?" I asked. "Sure." He replied. "Thank you." I replied. "Alright, Jack you can't be loud. Calum is trying to sleep." I said, laying her on the bed. "So I can't do this!" She yelled. "Shhh." I said to her. "Sorry." She whispered. "Shes cute ash. How old?" Calum asked. "Three." I replied. "She looks like you." He said. "Then she must look like my mom." I said. "Are we gonna go see Aunt Ann tomorrow?" Jackie asked. "Yes, now shhh." I replied, tucking her in bed. "Goodnight my sweet baby." I said. "Goodnight mommy." She replied. "Shhh." I said.

Let's see if you can catch on. Let me know if you know what I mean by that.

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