Christmas Miracle

When I entered the competition my friends bet I wouldn't win but, I did it anyway. On Christmas Day I will receive and email which could change my life forever or make no impact at all.
Could we meet the boys in LA and four with them? *hint*hint*


4. At The Gates

When we hopped off the plane I was rushing everyone and eagerly walking towards the airport exit. When we reached the exit there was the sight which I had been waiting to see. I burst out in floods of tears, happy tears of course, as I started walking even faster towards the five men standing not far away from me. Harry was closest so I automatically leaned to hug him but, I was feeling faint. Everything went black from there.

(Few hours later I think)

I woke up in a limo. My head was on someone's lap and as I looked around I could see my friends drinking champagne and laughing. As I say up I turned to see who's lap I'd used as a pillow and when I saw who it was, I could feel my cheeks burning up. "Oh brilliant! I was worried you weren't going to wake up." Zayn smiled at me. "I...I..I" I stuttered. "As you can tell, she's a fan," Emily laughed taking a sip of her drink. "In fact, she's the one that won us this trip!" Isabel added smiling at Niall. By this time I had inspected my surroundings and I was feeling less startled, "I am so sorry for my reaction earlier! I was stunned that's all." I said looking to the ground avoiding Harry's eyes. "It's fine! Trust me so many fans have done that's just a shame you didn't fall into me." Zayn smiled putting his arm round me.

I felt a little flushed when he touched me but I was still a little tired from the journey and meeting the boys to I leaned in to his torso wrapping my arms around him. "Ooooo" Jem cooed from the corner of the limo, she was practically sitting on Liam's lap, quite clearly flirting with him. "Oh shut up!" I giggled throwing her the bird and resuming my embrace with Zayn.

Sitting the other side of Zayn, Harry and Rhys were chatting away, and it looked a little too friendly if you know what I mean. But, I'm not going to go into that because I am probably just being paranoid. Although....they're are both quite clearly it could be.

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