Kate is the top spy of the CIA but now a days CIA are having problems that even Kate could not solve. Who ever it is, it is in the CIA and their trusted member and have a lot in common with Kate and is someone she knows better than anyone but WHO IS IT?


1. Prologue

"I am gonna have so much fun CIA is history. Don't you think Mac." Said a voice in the background.

"Yes Ma'am" Said Mac a little man not above 5 feet 7 inches with black shaby hair and a little overwight with a chuby face sitting on a neck which was hardly visible. He worked for a women called Cameroon which was speaking now Mac was afraid of her even through she was a skinny lady only Mac know what she is capable of , she could kill 10men of her size in 10 mins without getting a her hair messed up.

Cameroon hated the CIA so much she wanted to kill it from the roots she knows all the CIA secrets which no one outside the CIA knows not even Mac. She never tells anything to anyone not even Mac even through he has worked for her for the last 10years she trusts no one. She have learned all this in the CIA not to trust anyone.

YEP, SHE IS IN CIA and one of their agents and only working with CIA to do for what she was ever born for.


Revenge from the CIA.

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