The Obstacles of Life

Okay. I don't know if this can be classed as poetry but I didn't know what else to call it.

This might never be completed ever.


1. My Poem?

The Obstacles of Life

'I've had enough of all this crap.'


Hmm. It'll be over soon. It's just an obstacle that life threw in front of you.


That's the way it is, though. Everyone's got them.


Most people go through the same thing you're going through probably right at the same moment. The only thing you can do is watch, take it in and try not to make it happen again. It's gonna be hard, I know but you can either use it as a way to defeat you, or a way to make you stronger.


You're always going to feel crap when obstacles come, it's just how your road's panned out. Everyone's got problems. Everyone's had problems. And everyone's going to have problems. Some have them more than others, some don't have them that much. I'm not saying my words have some magical ability that can change the way they feel, they don't, not on their own, anyway. I'm trying to get you to see another way. You can't succumb to whatever life throws at you. You can, if you want but nothing's going to get achieved that way. At least if you defeat it, you can say 'I got through that, I can get through anything.'


They reply with 'okay' like what you just said was a statement to be tossed into the wind. I know how much I hate it, yet when I don't reply with 'okay' and reply with something that could benefit us all, you go into bitch mode. I thought the whole purpose of telling me was so I could find out. Perhaps I should start helping other people who actually wants my help.


'I'm sorry for being a btich. It wasn't your fault.'


No, it wasn't. I expressed my concern and you reply with 'Not everything do I needs an explanation.' If you don't want people to ask questions or help you, then don't post messages that will attract questions.


I don't think punching walls is a good idea. You punch a wall, what does it change? The only thing that happens is that you get sore knuckles. You could even break them. 


What makes police have to come to your house on Christmas Day?

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