The fake animal

Katie goes to a fair and wins a goldfish but when her dog sparky eats it they become one and try distory the world will katie realise or will she be too late...?


2. 1


I won a goldfish at state fair woohoo so when i got home i put it its a fish tank and named it evil because it cost my mom £10 for tries to win it.

After i put it in the tank and fed it i decided to feed my best friend sparky my pet dog, shes my biggest and best friend other than Kylie my best friend at school anyway I've had sparky since i was 6 I'm now 16 and its still my best friend any way enough about my awesome special one of a kind dog.

Next day

I woke up and got ready for school, but when i went to fed my fish it was gone and my dogs food bowl had water it i froze... Did my best friend eat my fish which cost my mom £10 oh no, what has he done if mom finds out she will get rid of the dog. I am not losing sparky.

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