Transformers Animated is for real!

Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole generation happy. One lucky Transfan happens to be that generation. Except she was woke up by a girly shriek



"You missed!" I waved my arms from side to side, dodging each strike dancing. "Missed again!"

This is fun annoying Starscream.

It shouldn't be fun annoying the scrap outta a really dangerous regarded Decepticon but it is.

"Stop moving, organic!" Starscream orders in his high pitch voice.

Okay basically Prowl was healed by the card and it has been two weeks since Isaac's accidental monster had been defeated. I am not sure if in the first episode that it was supposed to be a week that passed, but whatever.Starscream had arrived timely. And I am mocking his shots by dancing while he misses.Instead of those purple energy balls being huge they were small as a basketball.

"Wee!" I cheer. "You're missing!"

Starscream then randomly shoots in different directions, probably in hopes to  hit me, so I speed towards the train similar transportation machine. There is a bunch of TFA bases on DevianArt including Bumblebee and Sari; heck, I am one of those basemakers. There is even a base of Prowl getting Sari out from the train. I then feel my legs getting stung, then a blast, and excruciating pain.

"Ow!" I yelp, landing into the train.

"...So she isn't human." Fanzone said,looking down to me.

"Seriously?" I ask, looking up towards Fanzone.

"Your legs has exposed wires." Fanzone said.

Isaac is looking at me pretty shocked.

I look down to see my left leg is black with red wires sticking out instead of blue. I could see the bits of unique blood that seemed a mix of red and purple oddly enough.The train tilted up sideways; probably Starscream picking it up. Card, Card, card,I thought taking the card off the chain. The card glows faintly being drawn near to the wound as I casually slid down to the other side of the train that has closed doors.

Isaac and the other people had buckled up their seatbelts.

Yep, safety first, always. Just let the child slide down.

"If you want your humans alive, give me the allspark." Starscream said.

I could see the hairline fracture in my left leg ever so clearly because of the exposed line in the robot part.The card can't heal old wounds that resulted from a childhood incident.The skin begins patching itself up little by little using the power of the allspark.My back bumped against the doors once coming to a halt.I am a human in my reality, I recall when I wiggled a baby tooth out back in Oak Groove that required determination despite seeing blood during my important mission in the bathroom using the mirror as my guide.

"Then why am I a Techno-Organic?" I ask myself, as my legs were healed by the card.

It didn't make sense to me,honestly.

I stare at the ceiling feeling a bump when Starscream likely dropped the train part on a high tower.

"...The Allspark musta' done something to me." I concluded.

"What is the Allspark?" Fanzone asks.

My legs feel a bit numb thanks to the healing; so I carefully managed to use the seats--and the poles--as a another way to help me walk.

"It delivers life to any machine." I said.  "It is in the center of a age old war between the Autobots and The Decepticons." I sat on a seat taking a sigh of relief. No one knows how difficult it is to not fall when using the gray individual poles while using one foot to walk and the seats as a hand rest can be."Man these seats feel really comfy  and cozy."

"You didn't mention Decepticons before." Fanzone said.

"I think I did." I said, feeling relaxed. "You got five thumbs up with this train from me!"

"What are Decepticons?" Isaac asks.

"The bad guys." I said. "They are alien robots like the 'Bots. Exception for the Decepticons is that they choose military vehicles as their earth mode." I had a hilarious thought enter my mind. "Distinguishing Decepticons from ordinary vehicles is easy.Heck, they cannot blend in to traffic."

...Half an hour later..

..At the tower scene...

"Where's your leader, now, Autobots?" Starscream asks, holding the allspark's container.

I originally thought, when watching the first episode, that Starscream was holding an empty container. Boy was I wrong. I managed to slip outta the train during the exchange though Starscream is flying up in mid air. He didn't seem to hear the doors had been jimmied using a single powerful card.

"Right behind you, dumb aft!" Bumblebee yells from below.

Sentinel is literately on the other side of the flying wide balloon that has a wide poster screen showing an ad.

"Nice, trying to stall your death." Starscream said, with a chilling laugh. "Before I kill you...I must kill this worthless package--" I ran right out of the train just laughing,nervously, to attract dumbaft's atention. "March right back into that cage, mice!"

I stop, five feet away from the train, making my best utterly serious face.

"Who's the fairest of them all?" I ask, as Sentinel is getting out his long blue-gray lance.

"I am." Starscream said.

"Err, wrong!" I said, nervously with a smile. "It is Megatron."

"Megatron is offline." Starscream said. "I am the fairest of them all!" I had to giggle since he reminded me of The evil queen from Snow White speaking to a magical mirror. "Now kneel to me and march back into your kennel."

Did he just call the train a kennel?

"How insulting."' I said.  "YOU AFTPIPE, I'm not someone's bee-notch. In this case you're Megsy's little blast at toy."

"Kennel, now." Starscream orders.

My eyes widened.

'"STARSCREAM CALLS MEGATRON BY A PET NAME!" I shout. "It is canon! Canon! Canon, I say!"

"Kennel, now." Starscream said, again, with a sneer.  "Shut up; human!'

"TRAIN." I yell, correcting Starscream.

"KENNEL." Starscream yells back. "And that is final!"

It is silly to be arguing with Starscream. But then again...Luna-The-Wolf-21 would totally be asking him to make some tacos for her using his chest compartment.Luna is a great artist on DeviantArt,and, a brilliant roleplayer. In real life--using the internet--, I came across her on a picture of a Original Character seeker. My comment went along the lines of 'This is a really good picture'.I figured she wouldn't message me,after I clicked the 'x' button to her reply 'thank you'.

Boy, was I wrong.

"TRAIN, GLITCH HEAD!" I shout back. "You make a terrible English teacher!"

Luna sent me a note. We had a decent conversation for a couple days. And then, on December 18th, we had a big roleplay that lasted until 12 AM.

"English is not my first language." Starscream said.  "Why Earthling;this argument is pointless."

I only remember that it lasted till 12 because I was up till 3  AM browsing TFA Sari pictures on DeviantArt figuring I could stay up to 6. There was only three more hours till I had to get ready for school. Except I fell asleep.  Which is exactly the last time I was in reality and woke up in Transformers Animated.

"Well, you're gonna die soon." I said.  "In every Transformers cartoon, it is a  tradition, that you die and then Megatron dies--not always--at the end of the last season." Starscream did not look too happy. Sentinel is carefully making his way to the side that provides a great aim to Starscream. "But then again..." I lightly tap on my chin. "Megatron usually dies first, then comes back, and kills you.You usually come back twice from the dead."

"What you're saying is that me dying first is not a tradition." Starscream said, actually being intelligent. He had one of those classic smirks on his faceplate. "It is Megatron!" He then points to himself. "I am the better leader to the Decepticons!"

"Then use your chest to bake some popcorn!" I suggest, backing off seeing a 'what the hell' reaction appear on Starscream's faceplate.

Starscream raises his laser blaster shooter up  towards me.

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