Lost In My Own Dreams

"I'll chose her I thinks so. Or she, she is also beautiful." "Just chose one!" said Jacob. "It's not just one, it's the one I have to do like she's my girlfriend." He answered furious.
"Niall... Chose a girl from the list, it's not like you have to have sex with her!"

Heeyy, thank for reading my first story I'll do my best to make it a good one ;)
Sorry if my english isn't good i'm a dutchie :) when something is wrong: comment! 'cause I really want to do this good! and I really want to learn from my own mistakes


2. we leave tomorrow

I was sitting on a chair when the doorbell rang, it was a guy a young guy, just twenty I guess.

"Hello my name is Jacob and I have some news for you!"

"For me?" I asked

"Yes, for you if you are Sophie" Jacob said.

"Yes, I am"

"Okay, I have a letter for, you from Niall and I have to tell you that Niall has chosen you as his fake-girlfriend for a couple months."

"What is this? Why should he chose me? Why should he have a 'fake-girlfriend'? Why should I believe you?"

"I'm a friend of Niall and a lot of his friends an family don't stop saying that he got to a girlfriend. He is just angry that they keep saying it that he decided to take a 'fake-girlfriend' and he saw you on Facebook. So pack your back and come with me. We leave tomorrow."

What the fuck is this?! Sure "he want me as fake girlfriend" this is so weird! Someone is kidding me... But wouldn't it be awesome is it was actually true, if he really wants a fake girl? What is it is true..? When he is actually waiting for a reaction from me? No, no Sophie, no! This isn't possible!

But... I'm just going to open up the letter...

Dear Sophie,

I'm sure this will sound really weird to you

But, it isn't a joke...

I'm Niall Horan and I want a "fake girlfriend"

I think Joseph (my friend) has already explained is to you

but, people don't stop saying things like:

"When do you finally get a girl?" "You should really have a girl" "why don't you have a girl?"

It's just so annoying! I want to stop it.

But before you (probably) going to be my (fake) girl,

I want to know you better.

So shall we go out for a dinner tomorrow evening at six?

My friend will pick you op with a blue car at a quarter to six!

Can't wait to see you!

Hugs Niall!

What do I have to do know? I just want to know if it's real.... My brain says "that isn't possible!" But my heart says "what if..."

I'll see if there's a car for my house tomorrow... Now I'm going to bed.

~ so, this was my first chapter... What do you think? quit boring right? No worries, I'll try to do my best to make the next ones more interesting! I already have some ideas :)

Would you like to read the rest of my story? Please comment! So I know I can make the other chapters...

And I know it doesn't look like it is a good title for my story (yet!) you will find out in the other chapters.

Bye x me ~

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