Hate me

I dont care what you think. I am what I am dont except me ? Go fuck yourself.



There was a time I was ready to change,

even for a bastard like you, because

I was young and was in love with the Idea of love.


But now you hate me, fight me

was I born for this?

I dont know whats wrong but

I dont care cause as long as I am stong

You can't touch me.


Well, you wanted me to do 

what you want to do ,

but your opinion is yours to keep

and my life mine to live,


Well, as they say

Haters gonna hate,

I am just gonna sit here and wait,

As they come and go


Do I care what they say ?No, No,


I know someday you are gonna come around,                                      


but I am not the girl who used be around.



So, I suggest you go and sit 

with the all the haters , 


wating for me to care,



don't you dare l

ove me, love me.


Cause you are just a Shithead a

nd I don't DATE'EM




















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